Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kate's Referral Day

Since we will be in China on Kate's 2 year referral anniversary, I wanted to post now...

I love Kate's story because I see God so evidently in it, just as I do in the stories of AnnaClaire, Charlie, and Grace. It is just so clear that He chose for us to be united as a family.

I should start by saying that when we went on the "interested families list" 9 months earlier, we had put down one special need. Not because this was the only special need we would accept, but because we really wanted to adopt another child with this need. However, by the end of May, Mom and Dad started talking about why we wouldn't put other things down if we were open to them... why not open ourselves up and allow for God to work? They checked "yes" to quite a few other needs. There was one that they went back and forth on. Hemangioma. After some prayer, they put yes and turned in the list.

Fast forward to June 12, 2008.

The day before, our agency had posted that a new shared list was out and they would be matching families. A had a feeling that this might be it.

It was a Thursday and there had been a big storm the night before. We had no internet, no phone, no cable. Mom, AC, and I were out at Hall*mark Father's Day shopping when around 11:30, a call came.

As she picked up her phone, I noticed that the area code was our agency's area code. My heart started pounding. I could sense Mom's excitment and I knew that "this was it."

She couldn't have gotten off that phone fast enough for me. I knew I was about to be a big sister again and just wanted to know all about our sweet Kate! But finally, she did. There was a little girl named Ling Xu Liu who was 15 months old with a hemangioma. Did we want to lock her file?

Of course, we had Dad on the phone by now and he said, "lock it!" We had to move quickly, because anyone could see her file on the list. They were more strict with locking back then and you were only supposed to if you had reviewed the whole file. However, it would be over 30 minutes before we could get to Dad's office (remember, we had no internet at home) to read the email. So we told our coordinator to lock the file.

The whole way to Dad's office, he tried to explain how cute she was. It was the longest car ride. Finally, we got there and as we stepped into the office, her picture was on the screen. A sweet little girl clapping her hands. She had the cutest little crooked smile. There was no doubt she was our Katherine MeiLing.

We went to lunch and ran her file to our ped. and Mom and Dad went home to write the LOI...

A few hours later, they heard back that she was perfect :)

Of course, we already knew that anyway!

When Mom was introducing our sweet girl to her friends, one commented on how familiar Kate looked to her.

A few months later, we found out that Kate was at the Philip Hayden Foundation, sharing a room with the daughter of another good friend of Mom's.

Not only that, but remember that friend who had felt like she had seen Kate before? She had. She had been in China adopting her darling daughter in November. Their family sponsored kids at PHF and went to visit them. While there, they met a little girl named Shia. Jeanette actually held sweet Shia and prayed for a family that could get past her needs and bring her home. She held our precious girl and PRAYED FOR HER! She had even posted a picture of sweet Shia on her blog... we had seen this picture of our little girl... yet at the time, we had no idea!

Little did she know that the sweet girl of her prayers would be a cherished member of OUR family!!! Is that not so amazing how God works?

My sweet Kate. She can put up a pout like no other, but oh, how I love her. She is the most appreciative, loving little girl. I marvel at how God has transformed her life in the 18 months that she has been in our family.

I am so thankful for the way he brought precious Katherine MeiLing into our family. I remember how hectic and absolutely exciting that day was as we looked at her face for the first time and fell in love with another sweet precious sister!

Thank you, Jesus, for our precious Katie Cakes!




Traci said...

so precious! praying for the family and the two new additions as you leave tomorrow. i'll be following so post lots of pictures!

jeanette said...

I LOVE this story. I LOVE how God has us in China just after Kate had arrived at PHF and that HE allowed me to pray for her and you. :) I still get chills reading her God-story.

Now you have 2 more God-stories being written and I cannot wait to see how they unfold. :)

Judi said...

I enjoyed reading Kate's referral story today. I followed your journey when you brought her home and it was your story that played a part in God leading us to the Waiting Child Program at AWAA. While following Kate's story, I felt a "nudge" that our daughter might have a birth mark. Our daughter, Haleigh's special need was post operative hemangioma; she had three, two on her face and one on her chest. God was indeed using your story to lead and guide us to our little Haleigh! How thankful we are that she is now home with us. Looking forward to following your journey to Charlie and Grace!

Sammy said...

Have a great trip and blog often!!! Hope you're packed.

Anonymous said...

She looks so grown up :( in this latest photo!

I remember reading about your referral as it was just a month after ours. Your Mom and I prayed so hard to travel together then … oh how little we knew that missing each other by one travel group (just 3 weeks) would allow God to answer our prayers two-fold!!! I cannot wait to hug your neck and your Momma's neck IN CHINA!!!

Catherine said...

What an amazing story. God is so good!!!

Janet and Kevin said...

I love, love, love this post! Do you know why?

We were in China at the Philip Hayden Foundation's Shepherd's Field Children's Village on June 23, 2008 holding our precious Philip (Ollie) for the very first time! Just a few days before that, you had received word that Kate was your sister!! Just think - your precious Kate was only a few yards from where we were!!!

Isn't God good? To bring our families together with such a special bond??!!

God bless your trip beginning tomorrow!

Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and Elijah

Kim said...

She is so adorable! I hope someday I can meet her in person! Thanks for sharing her sweet story!!
May God abundantly bless you all on your trip tomorrow!!
Love, Kim D.

Lara said...

LOVE June 12, 2008! The day we first saw our daughter's face from that same Shared List! We will celebrate and remember with you. Have a great trip as your family grows again.