Monday, June 7, 2010

What a day

The other day, one of Mom's friends offered to take care of the girls this morning so that we could get some things done for our trip. Oh my goodness, it was SO helpful. We got Charlie and Grace all packed, finished up shopping for Grace's foster family, and did a few other last errands.

The girls had an absolute blast and have been talking about how much fun Finn and Mina's house was, how they loved playing with them, and how they want to go back soon and play some more!

We have had quite the stressful day today and there were times when we were sure we weren't leaving for China on Thursday. (Can I say that the Dragon Boat Festivals are officially my least favorite holiday?) However, Mom was able to talk with S. from our agency and she was literally in tears at how badly she just wants everyone in China. We are going on Thursday with absolutely no idea what is going to go on and when, but we are trusting that God has it all planned out even though we don't! It was either go and trust or spend thousands of dollars to change all of our travel plans! I have never been more thankful that we are spending so long in China, as it gives us time to get everything done, despite the fact that the civil affairs office will be closed for 3 days (thanks to the Dragon Boats...) I am confident our awesome agency will get it all planned out, but just pray that everything will fall into place! The main thing is... WE ARE GOING TO CHINA IN 3 DAYS!


Stephanie said...

Glad you are still going! We are heart-broken over here and still waiting for answers. Praying that tomorrow brings us a new consualte appointment.

Allisyn (aka the Mrs.) said...

i'm so excited for yall!!! :)

Jen Barbee said...

I recognize these girls! Does their family rock or what??? Hope I can get in on some play dates with all of you later this summer.... Happy packing!

Janet and Kevin said...

Praying for you all! :)

You are so right - God already has the details worked out!

Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and Elijah