Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ask me anything!

On my last post, someone had commented asking if I could feature myself on the blog. I had actually been thinking about doing something along those lines. So, in this post, leave a comment and ask me any question(s)... Anything you want to know about me! I'll try to answer each question and I'll make a post with all of the answers, that way you guys can know a little bit more about me!


Kim said...

Hi Emily!
Just wondering if you think you'll go to Baylor?!?
Looking forward to this post! :)
Kim D. in WI

Bell said...

Hi Emily, i just found your blog a couple weeks ago. I'm 17 years old, and I am an only child. I've always hated being an only child and it's so nice to see someone who appreciates having little siblings. You seem like an amazing person.

My question is, do you plan to adopt when your older? And if so, would you adopt from China, or some of the other countries you've visited?

Nightingale said... fun! Can I have more than one question?

Do you want to adopt your own kids when you are older, what are your life goals, and if you could change anything about yourself what would it be??


Jenn said...

OK... We've been following your blog since AC's referral. So we have a few questions:
What do you want to be when you grow up?
I know you were homeschooled for a fw years, which do you like better that or going to school?
Do you think your family is done adopting or is that little dossier in China going to get matched with another someone special?
How often do you look at the WC lists?

Anonymous said...

Where do you plan to go to college? Do you have a major picked out yet?

Nicole said...

Oh Emily, are you sure you know what you are getting into??

I would have to ask, why blog?? Why do you do it? Did you start because of adoption? What made you start, in one question, why do you blog?

I can't wait for this post!

Lexie said...

Hmmmm.... lemme see! How about, what do you want to name your own babies?? :) Me? Ezra, Esther, Cora, Norah. ;)

Love for Lilly Yin said...

I have all the questions above too, and I would like to know if you plan to go away to school, and if so how will that affect things at home. My daughter is going to college in the fall and I am very worried about how it will affect Lilly. They are sooo close.

Laurie said...

What fun! Let me see, this isn't really about you, but why doesn't your mom blog? I would LOVE to hear her perspective on things. :)
Secondly, what would you like to study at college? And thirdly, what are a few of your favorite/least favorite things about China?

Thanks for being so open to do this- I can't wait to read all the answers! :)

Jeanette said...

Ok, I have a few! ;)

List your, song, book, movie, thing to do on the weekend, vacation spot, subject in school, Bible verse, thing to wear, time of the year, and websites/blogs!

And I agree with one of the other comments...we'd love to hear from Pam too! I think she should do a weekly "guest appearance" on your blog! Not that she isn't busy with her "quiver full" or anything! Pam, do you hear the people chanting your name? "We want Pam, we want Pam, we want Pam!"

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily, I followed since AC's adoption, but I've never commented before.

If you could travel to any country in the world, where would you go?

How do you think it'll be when you go off to college... assuming to go far? How hard will it be for not only you, but also your siblings?

What's your favorite memory?

Do you have (or have you ever) had a boyfriend/first kiss? You hardly mention friends and I can't imagine you wouldn't have any... you're such a beautiful young woman.

When you hang out with friends, do they enjoy entertaining your siblings? The pictures from ChickFilA were too cute!

You obviously have an immense love for and bond with your younger siblings. Do your brothers have the same?

I know your siblings have special needs and you've never mentioned what it is. Is there a reason? I know you're not the only person to not disclose a sibling/child's special need.

Do you have any family traditions (however crazy or boring they may be) that you definitely plan on passing down to your own kids? What about traditions that you don't want to pass down?

Is there any reason that you've only adopted from China?

Can't wait for the post! -Hannah

Anonymous said...

Do you have any desire to learn Chinese? What about any plans to keep Gracie fluent?

Anonymous said...

It's obvious God has a plan for you. What is it? What do you plan to do?

Kimberly said...

Okay...since you asked!
I'd like to know what your favorite memory is from your elementary years...specifically, what memory growing up with your brothers + parents is most dear to you?
Also, what is your parents' parenting style with you and what are your thoughts on how to foster good daughter-mom and parent/child relationships, from a teenager's perspective? =)

Melanie said...

Hey Emily =) You know I've followed since AC's adoption. I've seen your family grow and I've always wondered one thing.

is it difficult to have your own space in a family so big? Being a teenager how do you get time to be with your friends, study and spend time with your siblings?? =)

I don't know if someone asked the same question but you've got many ;)

Joy said...

I'll ask you the same question I asked Courtney on her blog:
What are you looking for in a future husband?

Also: What occupation would you like to have?


Love for Lilly Yin said...

Oh and I forgot, what does your Dad do for a living? And since we live close by what is your favorite place to shop.

BTW I have talked with your Mom on RQ, she is so sweet, and I see where you get it from!

Wolfes Home said...

Will your mom let you come to my house and take pictures and blog for me? Ha!

Seriously, you do a great job with pictures and blogging. You are a treasure and I'm sure your family appreciates the documenting that you are doing. What a wonderful "diary" of your family for each member to read in years to come.

I think my questions have already been asked and I'm looking forward to your post.

Kim said...

Yes, We want Pam! We want Pam!! Love the idea of an occasional guest post!

And another's it going with the giant new van?!

Anonymous said...

Love idea of having your Mom do a guest blog weekly, even in the midst of keeping her "quiver full" of kids in line! Not that I don't enjoy reading your posts, sweetie, because I sure do!

We want Pam! We want Pam! Can you hear us all chanting????

Love ya, kiddo!

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily,
This may be a little too personal, but I was wondering what your parents do for a living? I know your mom seems to take the girls to a lot of different places while you're at school and I know you've mentioned your dad working. Obviously these adoptions are expensive so I was just wondering how you've managed that and then being able to support such a large family?

Kelly Marriott said...

Hi Emily! Been following your blogs since AC and really love it. I have daughters your age and older and they would never have been so involved in a blog about our adoptions. Most of my questions have been asked already, except one. This is probably for your mom, but I'll ask anyway.

Where do you get the little girls' clothes? They are always dressed so cute! Love the striped PJs in the "pancake" photo too. Do you help pick out the matching outfits?

Kelly in Atlanta

Julie said...

If you are going to go away to school (Baylor), who is going to keep us up-to-date on your precious family?

Joy said...

Yes, you are very brave on this one sister!!!

I laughed outloud when I read Jeanette chanting, We want Pam!!
I agree...bring on your sweet mom:)

Now for my many...only asking one...
could you come over and help me find all the waiting child list that you follow? I need your help!

I love your family! It's a blessing to follow your blog and hear how everyone is doing. Thanks so much for sharing!!

Wife of the Pres. said...

Ditto the others. Do you hope to adopt someday yourself? I know I know the answer!

Also, like some others, where do you plan to go to college? Can't imagine you will go to Baylor as it is so far away from the "littles".

Oh, and do you think you'll homeschool your children someday or not?


Wife of the Pres. said...

Yeah, me too! Why doesn't your Mom blog??? I know it would be amazing!!! Not that yours isn't, just hers would be unique perspective. She could surely borrow pics from you. ;)

Anonymous said...

Anywhere other than China you would like to visit?

Susan said...

Do you have any hobbies that you enjoy in addition to your photography? Do you participate in any sports or clubs at school besides swim team?

Julie said...

I love this! So excited to read all the answers! Hope it is not too annoying to you to do it lol. I hope it is not too late to ask a question, I just thought of one. What jobs have you had growing up? I think I read once that you were a lifeguard. Is that what you do now?