Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tomorrow is Lily Day (China time, anyway!)

In December of 2006, we traveled with one of the sweetest families ever to China! We have so many fun memories with them and still talk daily and have reunions quite often with them and some of the other families in our group. This picture is of Claire (25 months) and AnnaClaire (13 months) in China...
And here they are, almost 3 years later, in Gatlinburg last Oct. They were just about to turn 4 and 5!
Now the M's are back in China, to bring home their sweet Lily Caroline! She and Charlie were actually in the same orphanage, and we got to meet and love on sweet Lily while we were there last month!!! Isn't she beautiful??? :)

And on Monday, she will meet her FOREVER FAMILY! I am so excited for them, and for this precious, precious girl!

Anyway, here's their website so you can follow along, too!

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