Thursday, September 30, 2010


Here are some pictures that I promised from the mountains a couple of weeks ago! They all had so much fun and had a beautiful day for it! We can't wait to go back (and hopefully Sissy can join next time!) 

And just because, here's a sweet story about these two...

Charlie and Kate are QUITE the pair. It is beyond adorable. She is the princess, who is always walking around in dress up clothes and anything girly. He is the tender hearted gentleman who adores playing babies with her. And doing anything with her, really. They are absolutely precious together.

On Sunday, Mom had just dressed Kate in her Church dress. 

Charlie walked by and ran up to Kate saying, "You wook bu-ful, Kay!"

Kate says in the sweetest voice, "Thank you Charlie!"

And runs to Mom yelling, "Mommy, Charlie told me I was beautiful!" 


Kristi said...

Ah the tender relationship between an adoring big brother and a sweet little sister...

Staci said...

That is soooooo cute about Kate and Charlie!!! love it :) Cute pics too! Looks like fun!

Julie said...

love the story-so sweet! and the pictures.

Jean said...

That is so cute!!

Great pics!!

Where were they taken?? I must have missed the post?

Glad that you are blogging again but I do understand the busy life of a senior in HS!!

Anonymous said...

She is beautifful!

Debbie said...

How precious are they??? Oh my word! So sweet!

Anonymous said...


S and Little J pretend to be the prince and princess! She puts on her hooded towel and says it is her bride gown! Just tonight they were pretending to dance!

It is fun having almost twins I must say!

Beautiful pictures!!! Maybe next time we can go! ;)