Saturday, October 2, 2010

Please tell me how it's possible...

that my precious girl lost her first tooth last night.

 Wasn't it just yesterday that this little princess was first placed in our arms? At 13 months old? With only  6 teeth?

How is it that we are now in the month of her fifth birthday?

And she is sporting a cute little gappy smile.

Oh, precious girl. You are simply growing up too fast for your sissy!

But as she tells me, "Sissy! It's just a part of life! You lost all of your teeth, too... it's just part of growing up!" 

Oh sweet girl, how I love you so!


Catherine said...

Wow! Your adorable little sis is starting to loose her teeth early. Oh how cute is she with that gappy smile?

**sniff** yes, truly they grow up far too quickly!!

Jenn said...

Congrats AC!!! Your very first visit from the tooth fairy. Love the pony tails too, so cute :)

Kristi said...

"Sissy! It's just a part of life!" Oh my word, out of the mouth of babes...
AC, Ms. Kristi thinks you are growing up too fast too. Please slow down before my kids get any ideas!
ADORABLE piggy tails by the way!

Staci said...

LOVE this!! She is sooo adorable!! Love what she said.. too cute!! :)

Julie said...

How fun--first visit from the tooth fairy!

Jean said...

Congratulations to AC!! That's a big day when you lose your first tooth! She looks as happy as can be!!

They do grow up too fast ;-(

Janet and Kevin said...

I just love a toothless grin in a little! Philip keeps losing teeth, and he is so proud of it!!

The other night Kevin accidentally threw away a newly lost tooth. You should have seen Kevin on the floor of the garage sorting through that bag of trash!! Too funny!! Ahh, the joys of having littles again in our home.

Janet and gang