Monday, October 4, 2010

A fun night with my Annaboo

Last night, AnnaClaire and I went to get celebratory smoothies in honor of her loosing her first tooth. I let her pick where she wanted to go, and she didn't hesitate before saying that she wanted a "smoofie!"

I think it was everything it was cracked up to be :)

Of course, I had to get some pictures of her with her precious little gappy smile.

This sweet thing can pose! She was just working my camera with all of her poses, which she came up with completely on her own. Where does she learn this stuff??

Then I took her to Ta*rget to pick some things to buy with her tooth fairy money. She picked a kaleidoscope, a little tennis game, and a little microphone (just like her soccer coach has!) She was so excited to pull out her $5 and pay the cashier! (and no, the tooth fairy doesn't always bring $5... just for the first tooth!)

Oh baby girl, stopping growing up on me!


Kristi said...

Looks like a fun night, and I'm sure that AC enjoyed some one on one time with her big sister.
$5? Wowzahs! Can your toothfairy come to our house?

Julie said...

What a great big sister you are! I bet she did enjoy that one-on-one time!

Melanie said...

She looks beautiful even with one less tooth!!
I'm sure she enjoyed spending time with yourself and being the only one for a little while =)

Debbie said...

She is so cute! I love the toothless grin. And I agree, They all need to stop growing up so quickly! :-)

JEN said...

The gappy grin, the pink shoes, the hair bow, the happiness. WHat a lovely post :)

Monica said...

where did you get that adorable pink layered dress? It's so cute!


Robin said...

I just realized as I was looking at your church picture that AC was missing a tooth and had to search back to find out when. Our dentist has said that Maddy should be losing her two bottom teeth VERY soon. I can't believe they are even old enough to be loosing teeth. And.. $5 is the going rate now? I agree that AC has some tooth fairy! I'd better be contacting Maddy's soon so we are on board with the going rate. LOL

Unknown said...

Too cute. :)

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