Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Cakers

Mom and Dad took the kiddos to the park on Sunday and there was a dad there with a really nice camera and he took some pictures of the kids and offered to email them to us. I LOVE these three of Kate. They capture her personality SO well (minus the fact that there's no bow... what is this?!) I just love this baby girl so much... hard to believe that it was two years ago this week that we left for China to meet her! She has come SUCH a long way!!! 

I love you, precious baby girl!


Wife of the Pres. said...

SHOCKED at the lack of a bow. What is up with that Pam? ;))))

Cannot believe it has been two years? I remember how close we were to traveling together two years ago. So glad Miss Kate is home forever!

Julie said...

yeah, where is the bow?! haha.
she's so cute!

Kim said...

I love the one with your dad's hands holding her--you can really see how tiny she is!