Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Some more misc. pictures

Charlie and Grandma on the train!
Gracie relaxing downtown!
All four kiddos waiting for the train!
The kids got these cute mosaic crafts for Christmas and had a blast working on them!
AnnaClaire did a bunny, of course
Gracie made a fairy
Charlie made an airplane
and Kate made a teddy bear!
On Sunday, the guys took Gracie to a nearby college for a women's basketball game!
Gracie's team played a scrimmage at halftime of the game...
She did great and had a lot of fun! The actual game was exciting, too, with a win on game ending 3 point shot.
Charlie is sporting a new hat that he loves! He's pretty cute in hats :)
And then there's our princess Kate who is rarely seen around the house without her princess outfit on. Oh, my beautiful girl!


Melody Lietzau said...

Ooh I like that Mosaic set. What and where can I get one?

Pam said...

They are found in the "better" toy stores in the craft kit area. I've also seen the ones the littles did at Lakeshore Learning. The ones that the 3 littles did come in a set of 5 to a package for $9.95. You can choose from "Pretty Things", "Vehicles" or "Pets." They are for ages 3+. They are very easy for preschoolers to do. Grace's kit is for ages 4+, but she still really enjoyed doing hers, and the pieces are quite a bit smaller than the other kits. There are many different kits to choose from in the 4+ category. The preschool kits just require the kids to match colors and shapes, the 4+ kits give each color a different number and you've got to match the colors with the numbers.(similar to a paint by number)

This was our first time buying/ using these kits and I highly recommend them.

Jean said...

Love the pics!! The kids are so cute! Grace's hair is growing!!

We did the mosiacs too! Our 2 new ones worked on the easier ones, they had a hard time keeping focused. Sarah did 2 of the harder ones and Anna did 2 also. I am thinking the attention span will increase with time- at least that is how it was with Sarah.

Stephanie said...

It's so good to see how well your kids are doing! Adorable as always, and does Grace ever stop smiling?! What a doll.
Blessings to your family!

Catherine said...

What fun pics of your littles!

Anonymous said...

Grandma has a cute haircut!

Melody Lietzau said...

Thanks so much. Im gonna go on lakeshore right now. I have a 2yr old, 4yr old and 7 yr old so I think this would be great.