Friday, July 13, 2012

Favorite Friday~

I think on Fridays I'm going to try and post about some of my favorite things, and today, being Cow Appreciation Day and all, it seems to me to be the perfect day to mention my love of 
Headed out to dinner
Yes, it's no secret that we do love us some Chick*Fil*A in this house. And thankfully, it hasn't taken long for our newest family member to fall in love with it, too!  When we first brought AnnaClaire home, I was VERY particular about what I fed her.  So, for at least the first year, I would only order her the chicken noodle soup.  I know, I know, it's probably got a ton of salt in it, BUT still, it does seem to be a healthier choice than the fried nuggets, and there are trace amounts of carrots and celery in it.  Well, mama has loosened up a bit over the years, as you can see with Ellie.  Yes, that is my girl, drinking the last drops out of her ice cream cup.

Gotta get that last drop!

All Done! 

I have to say, I feel a bit sorry for you "northern" girls, who have a  distance to drive in order to indulge your taste buds.  We are in the heart of Chick*Fil*A country here (we're not in Atlanta, but I bet our city is a close 2nd in numbers of CFA's) and within minutes we can be at 4 CFA's, not counting the mall locations.

And what do I love best about this place????  Well, of course I love the food, but what I REALLY love is their hostesses.  They are among the kindest, friendliest and most HELPFUL ladies I know. And I usually require a lot of help.  Just sayin'.  Because we frequent CFA's alot~ and  I mean A LOT~ we are on a first name basis with the hostesses at our 4 nearby CFA's.  They see my crew coming in and we are greeted with smiles and hugs.  They have cheered us along as we've brought each of our 5 home, and once we have a new child home, they are greeted with extra attention on that first visit in.  

Usually, as I am ordering, the hostess is already pushing tables together, setting up placemats for the kids, laying out napkins and straws, and well, you get the picture.  And at our FAVORITE CFA, the children and I just sit down, and our order is taken at the table and the food is brought out to us.  Can you imagine that?  At a fast food restaurant?  (Though I do try to convince myself that CFA is NOT fast food. And I almost have myself convinced.)  They take such good care of us, keeping our drinks "refreshed" and all the while letting us know that it's THEIR PLEASURE. And how "refreshing" is that, in this day in age?  Hostesses have been known to add sprinkles to the birthday child's ice cream, and often times at the end of our meal, we are escorted to our van~ children's hands being held and hugs given as they help load everyone in.  (you know, as I'm typing this I'm thinking that maybe there is a reason they are escorting us to the van~ hmmmm.... I hadn't thought of that.)  And when Charlie had his big casts and wheelchair after his foot surgery, I've had several the men managers walk us out and fold and load up the wheelchair for me.  I mean what's not to LOVE about that????

 Gotta love the fact that that our family of seven ate for free tonight!
So, for my first Favorite Friday, Chick*Fil*A gets my vote as my favorite place to eat.  With kids. :)  



Jodee said...

What a fun dinner out with the gang! We don't have that restaurant in our city but everyone raves about them on their blogs!

Anonymous said...

We have to drive 45 minutes to go to CFA but it is always worth the drive. Free meal for 7 is an awesome deal!

Sandy said...

Totally off-topic, but where are Grace's glasses? Has she graduated to contacts? She looks all of a sudden so grown up. Love following your blog!

Pam said...

Yes, Grace has contacts. She had really been wanting them for a while and we had told her when she was 13. But in March (I think) when it was time for her eye exam, we went ahead and let her get contacts. She was just shy of 12.5 years old. She has done GREAT with them since day one. She put them in that first day and hasn't looked back. :) She's wearing daily disposables.

Leslie said...

Totally love CFA here too, but it is a real treat b/c it is so expensive. But so worth it!

And I have a couple who love the grilled sandwich, so that is more healthy right? (totally trying to convince myself ;)

We have several here too!

I always forget that Cow Appreciation deal! We buy the calendars though and that keeps us at CFA quite a lot until we run out of coupons LOL!

BTW, I take any and all help too! No shame in that my friend when out and about with a lot of littles! I do have some built-in help here as my two big boys are great to jump in, more often than not w/out being asked. Still, I totally agree with you that CFA has customer service to near perfection!

OK, off to read more of your posts. I may have to comment on all of them LOL! You are such a great blogger; never doubted where Emily got her blogger skills from. :)

Catherine said...

Count me in with the Northern Girls who are sad that we don't have CFA. :o( We visited our first (and 2nd!) in FL last year and oh my, I understand why you love it there!

What great care they take of your family! I love hearing all of your CFA stories and seeing your kiddos in their cow dress-up!

When Hannah and I eventually trek down to visit you we'll have to visit CFA once....or more! :o)