Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Oh my goodness~

How could I have forgotten to post this in my May highlights?????  Well, I know how....when I was looking back through my calendar to post about them,  THIS highlight was not written on my calendar. Because it is written on my heart.  And so I missed it. 

Ellie turned 2 on May 4th!

And we had such a fun day celebrating  Ellie!  Our day was spent as a family at Historic Brattonsville, which is a living history museum with costumed interpreters that depict early life in our region.  We have a family membership and we make very good use of it.  Let's just say that the interpreters know our children WELL! Very well. Yes, we've helped them husk corn, pick cotton, make some moonshine, and we've even attended a slave wedding. We've played games that were popular with children "back then" and even toured a house that had a school room inside! We've seen some battles waged, and helped with the laundry.  We've dyed wool and spun cotton. And we've made some Christmas and 4th of July memories there as well.  But on Ellie's birthday it was Sheep Shearing Day, and it was such fun!

This little guy posed for a picture, but didn't get sheared

Watching the shearing intently

Charlie helping with the carding

Kate is intent on her work

 Watching the weaving

AnnaClaire was fascinated with the drop spindle

Gracie gets a turn to shear!!!!

Ringing the dinner bell

Snack time!

Afterwards, Drew and Emily met up with the rest of us for some Mexican dinner.  Ellie fits right in with our family, as she LOVES Mexican Food! Yes, chips and salsa, tortillas, and rice and beans are among her favorite foods! 

  And then it was back home for the donning of the birthday crown, cake and presents.  My favorite memory of the day was when we sang happy birthday to Ellie.  She watched so intently as we lit the candles and put her cake in front of her.  And then we started singing.  And when she looked up and realized we were singing to HER, she got the BIGGEST smile on her sweet face.  Her face just glowed and she smiled and laughed through the whole song.  Yes, sweet girl, we were celebrating YOU!

Just look at her face!

And here is a link to a YouTube video of the birthday song:

The birthday girl with 6 of her siblings

Present time!

And a few things about our girl~
  • She may be MY baby, but she does NOT want any part of being a baby.  Sigh....
  • She wants to do what everyone else is doing
  • She is every bit of 2. And then some.
  • The "chill" baby, who liked just to sit and observe, that last year's mission team to Chenzhou told me about, is NOT my girl.  Most days I am WISHING for a "chill" baby.  But that is NOT our Ellie. 
  • Our Ellie is vocal
  • Not afraid to express her displeasure
  • Is in the middle of every one's business 
  • Is mama's helper
  • Is a girl who knows the routine and follows it. And it better not be changed.
  • She's opinionated
  • She's got the most kissable cheeks. Ever
  • She's either crying because she hasn't gotten her way, or is smiling from ear to ear because she has
  • She LOVES to be out and about
  • She loves the pool and is not afraid of the water at all
  • But the smallest bug can reduce her to tears 
  • Wants no part of her own toys
  • Wants whatever anyone else is holding or playing with at that moment. As long as it's not hers.
  • Has the CUTEST chubby legs and feet. Ever.
  • Doesn't sleep nearly enough to satisfy her mama
  •  Is not behind in her gross motor skills.  At all.
  • Or her fine motor skills
  • Has lots of words
  • Gives the sweetest, puckered up kisses
  • LOVES her mama
  • And likes everyone else
  • Is starting to transition into our church nursery.  Thank you, Lord.
  • Is the BEST eater.
  • Her weight has now surpassed her 5 year old sister's
  • She makes us laugh
  •  "She is just SO cute." Said multiple times daily by AC.
  •  Likes to hear "Goodnight Moon" being read. But not much else.
  • Has no interest in puzzles
  • Or age appropriate manipulative toys
  • Or baby dolls
  • Or any toys, really
  • She does love to swing and slide
  • And to be outside
  • In the wagon. 
  • In the stroller. 
  • Loves to sing
  • She LOVES shoes.  Especially her sister's pink crocs. 
  • She gives the best hugs
  • And says "back" every. time. we. pull. out. of. the. driveway.
  • Yes, baby girl.  We'll be back. HOME.
  • She gives mama the BEST snuggles
  • She brightens our days
  • She wears her mama out
  • And she is a BLESSING
  • And a miracle.  I think of "her story" every. single. day.

Thank you, God, for the gift of Ellie!


Julie said...

LOVE the video!

Janet and Kevin said...

So glad your second birthday was such a wonderful day! Hugs to you sweet Ellie.

janet and gang

Judi said...

She is precious! What an adorable little smile! And what fun to be so close to the living museum!

Love for Lilly Yin said...

She is the most adorable girl!

Rita and John said...

What a beautiful birthday celebration for a beautiful little girl!

Joy said...

How precious! I am so glad I watched the video.

Charlene said...

What an amazing update!

And I'm so glad to see you blogging! Missed seeing your family and all the great going-ons!

Eileen said...

Here I am Pam! :-)

Ellie is oh so beautiful! She has the best smile.

I am all about that sheep shearing! I love sheep. And you know how I feel about yarn. :-) I have a drop spindle so AC can come visit me anytime and I'll let her use it. :-)


Kristi said...

"make some moonshine" :)
Glad that one didn't fall on wee one's birthday...

Happy, happy birthday little Ellie ~ even a few months late. I sure hope to meet this little treasure before too long!

Amy said...

Happy tears. What a beautiful post. What a beautiful Mama's heart you have. AND, what a beautiful Sweet Ellie! Loved all the pics. Thanks for sharing! (Boy, how in the world did Charlie get so big?!?)

Anonymous said...

They have all grown so much and look like they are doing great! :). You can tell they know they are loved.

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday to Ellie (even though it's late). Oh my goodness I can't get over how much your kids have grown. You have a beautiful family. And your birthday celebrations look awesome! I loved her precious smile when you sang to her. That is just priceless. :-)

jasnjoj said...

Hey Pam! This is Joli from Following Where He Leads. I got your comment and wanted to come check out your blog. You have an absolutely BEAUTIFUL family! THat is neat that your hubby works in banking also. We gets jokes all the time about "bankers' hours"....HA! I wish Jas worked at THAT bank! Blessings on your precious family!

Wolfes Home said...

LOVE, love her smiel. How very precious!

Wolfes Home said...

Just watched the video. I so enjoyed having a peek into "live" at the Horners. :) Couldn't stop smiling.

Anonymous said...

I love this update and that last picture of Ellie is gorgeous!!


Catherine said...

Happy, happy Birthday sweet Ellie!!! What a treasure and blessing you are! Love hearing all about your sweet girl.

We still pray for her every night but she'd be happy to hear that we've recently change her from 'Baby Ellie' to 'Little Ellie.'

She is a JOY!!!