Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lake Fun~

Before Will and Emily left for school, Bill and I wanted to plan a family day for EVERYONE.   Given the large span of ages in our family, it's tough to find an activity that everyone equally enjoys.  We came up with the perfect plan, and WE ALL such a fun day!  The weather was perfect, the lake was not too crowded, and some sweet family memories were made! 

On the boat...



And I can't believe I didn't get a shot of Kate by herself on the boat~ sorry Cake Cake!

All my girls!

And in the water.....

And yes, that's a peek of me IN the water.  My hair is slicked back, as I had just dived in off the boat, showing Grace and AnnaClaire that I had not forgotten how to dive!

This is how Kate went into the water!  She'd take a running start and then in she went, spread eagle and landing right on her tummy!  She did this over, and over, and over again.  It was hilarious to watch. Here she is in mid air!

According to the kids, the BEST part of the day was tubing!

I think out of everyone, Grace loved tubing the most, although our boat did not go nearly fast enough for her liking!

Ooops~ Man overboard!

 Tired babies at the end of the day!

Will and Emily, what a great way to send you both off!  We are missing you already!  


Catherine said...

What an amazing family day! Heh! Love the pic of Charlie going overboard.

Look at Kate fly! So fun seeing pic of mom enjoying this special time with her kiddos.

Precious, wonderful family memories!!

JEN said...

Looks like a fabulous day!

Rita and John said...

What a wonderful day! And what a great idea for all the different ages. Love the photos!

Leslie said...

So fun!!! We went to the lake last weekend! I still need to get the pics on the blog!

You are rocking the blog, friend!!!