Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Day With Grandma~

  Last week, my mom was in town visiting us for a few days.  The kids were very excited to have some more Grandma time!  We spent one of the days at the zoo.  

We woke that morning to a huge thunderstorm and almost canceled our plans, but things began to look a little more promising AND we have a zoo membership, so we headed out, figuring we had nothing to loose.  It was by no means a "nice day" weather wise, but we didn't have any rain either.  It was a rather blustery day in the low 50's (chilly for early Oct. in our neck of the woods) and poor Grandma froze, but she was a trooper.  I actually enjoyed the fall like temps.  Very few others ventured out that day, so we had the place almost to ourselves, which was nice, too.  And, although I have no animal photos to post, we were indeed at the zoo!

Here's Grandma with her 5 treasures!

As you can see, Charlie LOVES the merry go round.  It's hard to believe that when he first came home at 4 1/2 years old, he was TERRIFIED on his first ride.  Elephants are Charlie's favorite animal.

You're never too old to enjoy the ride

Big smiles after their rides

This little thing (complete with runny nose from the cold) is so cheesy in all her photos.  Hard to believe she's the same little girl who would barely even look at the camera 8 months ago.

Sweet Kate!

And where did the children want to spend most of our time???  At the playground.  Go figure.



jeanette said...

how did they get SO big Pam?!!! I laughed out loud about them wanting to spend their time at the playground..mine do the same!

Glad your mom had a chance to visit -even if it was awfully chilly for her. :)

JEN said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog and seeing the little ones grow up!

Catherine said...

Kiddos and playgrounds just go together. Fun day at the zoo in spite of the weather. Glad Grandma was able to visit. Precious time!

Janet and Kevin said...

What a sweet field trip! We love going to our zoo and will do so at the drop of a hat. It is just a fun place to be!

Loved seeing your beautiful, smiling children enjoying the day.

janet and gang