Thursday, October 25, 2012

Celebrating Kate~

Today we celebrated four years with our sweet Kate~ our tiny little treasure. 

Kate is gentle, quiet, and soft spoken. She is a perfectionist.  She is thoughtful, observant and pensive. And rather introverted. And in this family, living with 4 siblings that have some VERY strong and extroverted personalities, sometimes she just needs to be by herself.

She is our girly girl.  She skips and twirls through life with a smile on her face.  She is all about baby dolls, princesses, ponies, dressing up and ballet.  AND She LOVES to read, and this mama loves that!

We are a family of tradition.  And in keeping with our forever family day traditions, we celebrated Kate's special day with Chinese food for dinner.

And then we shook things up a bit and had doughnuts for dessert!  And boy, did the kids love that!

Afterwards, we came home and watched Kate's gotcha video and then Kate opened her little gift from China. And her reaction, to her gift....

"Ohhh, it's JUST what I was hoping for!"

Katherine MeiLing,  your mommy and daddy LOVE you!  We have been so BLESSED to be your parents these past four years! YOU are a treasure! And a gift!

"Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!" 


Jenn said...

I remember waiting and watching with great anticipation!! She ia such a darling girl!! Such a beautiful blessing!!

Naomi said...

Yes I remember that too Jenn!! She stole my heart and it was such a blessing to follow along your trip there to meet Kate!!! She is such a little lady!

Love for Lilly Yin said...

What an amazing little girl!

Wolfes Home said...

Happy Gotcha Day! These are such special family days to celebrate. She is growing into a beautiful young girl!

Catherine said...

Happy Family Day!!! What a precious, sweet treasure your little Kate is!

Her reaction was so sweet!

jeanette said...

Happy 4 year Family Day!!!

Liesl said...

Happy Day, dear Kate!

Leslie said...

Oh sweet Kate!!! I can't believe it has been 4 years since we got S and you got Kate!

They are just growing up before our very eyes. I love how she is so girly girl amidst all of the other 4. Bless her heart!!!

Happy 4 years together!

Janet and Kevin said...

Happy Gotcha Day Kate! What a happy beautiful smile you have!

janet and gang