Saturday, November 24, 2007

Christmas Tree Farm!

Today we drove up to Boone and went and cut down a Christmas tree! We have a fake tree, but we decided to make a new tradition of going and cutting down a real one after Thanksgiving. So that's our new tradition. We had a great time and found a perfect tree. We're going to put our fake one in our family room and the real one in the dining room. I'm so excited about Christmas!! It was sooooo cold in the mountains. There were even traces of snow! We made some great memories driving up that I will always remember. The place we went was great, too. I'll post much more tomorrow... but here's a picture of Will, AC, and me with the tree!

Oh and Maggie's mommy~ the red shoes are from a consignment store. I'll email you with the name.


Holly said...

I have not been to your blog in awhile, and have enjoyed catching up and reading your latest posts! The post you did about how AnnaClaire was meant for your family and how much she means to you, was so sweet!

MFJ said...

We got our Christmas tree yesterday, too! The pictures of AC with Santa are really cute.


Katie said...

I love the new blog. We have some friends that live in's so gorgeous up there. Hope your family's Thanksgiving was amazing!

Brittany said...

I can't belive yo have almost had AnnaClaire for a year.i bet that time flown by.
Hope you are well
And a Merry Merry Christmas