Friday, November 30, 2007

Mountains recap and other fun news

Wow it has been a busy week! On Sunday while AnnaClaire napped, we ran to the mall for a bit. I spent the night at my friend, B's house that night. Well on Monday our other friend, W called us and said, "You will never believe who is at the mall!" She quickly explained that Miley Cyrus was at our mall. She told us that she had gotten a picture with Miley and that she was still there, shopping. At first we didn't believe W, but when she sent us the picture, we had proof. We started screaming. So yes we are 14 and we love Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus. Miley was in town for the concert (which was on Tuesday.) So anyway, me and B were so excited. We got ready as quickly as possible throwing on the first clothes we saw and running to the car. B's mom was so good and quickly drove us to the mall. We walked in and met up with W and G, who also came. We walked by a few stores and found Miley. I think I almost fainted. I don't think I've actually ever met a famous person. Her bodyguards were pretty strict. She was with her three best friends (also backup dancers). We followed her into the next store she went into and got to talk to her and her friends and stuff. It was awesome. We also got a picture with her. She was really, really nice. She is just like any other teenage girl... besides the fact that she's well... Miley Cyrus. But anyway it was quite fun to meet her. I was definitely glad we had Monday off, because every other school here had school on Monday! (Probably why she chose to go to the mall, figuring no one would be there!) So that was an extremely fun little surprise! Of course it's the big topic here! On Tuesday I got to go to the concert which was downtown. It was insanely crowded. It was awesome. The Jonas Brothers (I'm not really a big fan of them) were there too. We really did have an awesome time and it was so surreal to actually be there (if only you knew the story of our tickets!). The arena was absolutely packed with everywhere from 6 year olds to teenagers! So that was really fun, too. The rest of the week has gone by pretty well, too. Last night I bathed AnnaClaire and she wanted, "Sissy in tub, TOO!" I put my legs in and she stayed in an hour longer just playing. She washed my feet, slid down my legs into the tub, etc. We had a fun time. Finally I asked her if she was ready to get out. I said, "Let's get in your cupcake jammies, find Mickey Mouse, and go see Mommy!" To that, she responded, "No cupcakes, no Mickey Mouse, no Mommy, NO OUT!" She just never stops making me laugh =].

But anyway, back to the mountains which I never did tell about. Will just saved up his money and bought himself a GPS on Black Friday. Well, on the way, we decided to use it. Will clicked in "Shortest Distance", not knowing it would lead us up a dirt path straight up the mountain. I will forever have memories of driving, in 4-wheel-drive, up the very steep, one lane road on the very side of the mountain, passing "mountain-man" (who was wearing a Texas hat! Hook em!!), having to drive over a huge mound of dirt that blocked the entire dirt path, and mostly, passing a gate with a confederate flag and a machine gun! We had a great time getting to What Fir Christmas tree farm. We picked a great one though! It had beautiful trees, was surrounded by ponds, had a petting zoo, and had a little store. We found a perfect tree not too long after arriving. AnnaClaire loved riding in her wagon and looking at the trees. We found the most perfect one and after it was chopped, Dad & Will carried it down where it was wrapped and loaded. The farm had GREAT service and the people were really nice. If you are ever looking for a good place to cut your own Christmas tree in Boone, NC, I recommend What Fir! After we got the tree, we went and saw donkeys and llama looking things. AnnaClaire loved saying "Annallama" as we looked at them and everyone got a hoot out of how she said that. We had hot cider and cookies and bought a few decorations before headed back to Boone where we hit a few little shops and ate at the Dan'l Boone Inn. You can't be in Boone and not go there! There's always a pretty long line but it is delicious and definitely worth it!! We headed back home after a nice day at the Christmas tree farm! We are going to put are trees up tomorrow! Here's the slideshow of pictures from our adventure. Enjoy!


Jie Jie to Sarah Lu and Chayah Ru said...

Wow!! Looks like a very fun time getting your Christmas tree! Although, I don't think I would have liked that drive up the mountain very much ;) That's cool that you got to meet Miley. I saw the picture of Facebook, and I was like "Is it?", and now I know it is. :)

Holly said...

omg that's so cool you got to meet Miley AND go to her concert! I am such a big fan of both Miley and the Jonas Bros. Looks like you guys had lots of fun getting your Christmas tree! The pictures are precious!

Elena said...

Wow. I hate you!!! My dream is to meet her. Is she nice??? I can't believe you are getting another one. That is so cool. We are all done so I will just watch other people. Email me when you get a chance. I would really like to talk to you about something.
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