Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Starting over

So if you're reading this, you were probably a reader of my first blog, AKA Journey with AnnaClaire. You might be wondering why I have decided to start over with a fresh new blog.... the reason? If you haven't noticed, Journey with AnnaClaire wouldn't let me upload pictures. That's because I ran out of space. Yes, I used a full 1024 MB and finally they had to stop letting me freely post pictures. 941 posts, over 1,000 pictures posted to the blog... that's what ran me out. Although starting a new blog wasn't my first choice, when even my background and header stopped showing up, I knew it's what I had to do. So here we are, starting fresh and new with this blog! It's also a good time to start a new one as we have some big family news!


Melanie said...

Oh my! That picture is so sweet!!!!!
Love the blog look and the picture you put in the header;)
Hope it goes better with this new blog

MFJ said...

I love the Christmas look! The URL is quite appropriate. ;-)


CNA said...

I love the picture!! She is so sweet!! Always smiling!

Lexie said...

Love, love love LOVE that picture!! I can't wait to hear more about your exciting news!!!

(new URL )

Anonymous said...

So whens the exciting news coming out?