Thursday, December 27, 2007

All girl!

The minute I got home from my friend's house today, AnnaClaire grabbed my hand and said, "Sissy AnnaClaire walk outside!" and ran over to her doll stroller. We were about to eat, so I promised her after naptime. The minute she woke up, we sang Frosty the Snowman. When we got to the policeman part... she yelled STOP and made the stop signal. Too funny. Then she remembered my promise and we went on a nice long stroller walk with her dollies. We passed the stop sign and she said "bye bye stopsign!" She waved to every car that went by, and skipped along the sidewalk, laughing and smiling. I love taking her on walks.. she is so happy pushing her dolls. We came home and we played with her new makeup kit for awhile before she went to the park with Dad. Right when she got home, she appeared in my room holding her makeup, "More makeup, Sissy!" The makeup kit is a huge hit. Tonight we moved her kitchen into the kitchen and I completely organized it. She was playing with it before bed and I told her I had just cleaned it and to keep it clean. She kept it perfect. It was funny. She also has a little hot cocoa mug, her favorite kitchen accessory, and it has litle marshmellows on it... but she WON'T keep the marshmellows in! "No marshmellows! OUT!" is what she says whenever they are in. She just makes me laugh. I love my Bu so much!

Here's some pictures from today... enjoy!

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