Saturday, December 8, 2007


I had a really fun day yesterday. I stayed after school with a bunch of friends for the basketball games and then we all walked over the the church (across the street) and took buses to the Operation Christmas Child place. It was really fun working there and we had an awesome time. We got back to Church around 11 and had a "lock in" there. It was so fun. There were tons of games, movies, food, etc. For the most part we all stayed awake all night with a little bit of dosing ;). It was really fun and they made pancakes and had donuts for breakfast. It ended at 7:30 and I went home and went right to sleep. When I woke up, AnnaClaire had just gone down for her nap (about 2:30). It was quite a relaxing day. I think AnnaClaire and Dad ran errands this morning though. When Mom asked her what they did, she replied "amamals. PARK!" She went to the petstore and the park! Smart girl! She is so smart. Later in the afternoon, she brought over a book, saying "happy birthday book". Sure enough, it was a book about a little boy celebrating his birthday! She is so smart. Before she went to bed, I took her down to do the advent calender, because we had forgotten to do it. She was so cute doing it. She loves to do it and can hang the little thing on the hook!! She looks so cute in her jammies from the M family! They brought these over last Christmas for her to grow into and they fit her perfectly now! I love them!
So, enjoy the pictures! I love the picture of her laying on the couch with Bunny and Minnie. I was watching tv and she ran over and climbed on and lay down by me. Then, she put her feet on my legs and said "Anna lay down with Sissy!" and she relaxed a little. I was actually surprised at how long she law there "relaxing"!


Catherine said...

What a treat it must be to work with Operation Christmas Child! Your lock-in sounds like fun too!

Adorable pics of AC. She is such a smartie to be able to figure out how those little hooks work. Way to go AnnaClaire!

Jie Jie to Sarah Lu and Chayah Ru said...

Miss AnnaClaire is looking so much older! Our mei mei's are growing up!! I love the the "relaxing" picture, SO cute and so sweet that she said that to you! Awww!! :)