Tuesday, December 25, 2007

AnnaClaire's 2nd Christmas!

We had an absolutely amazing Christmas... but, before I start, I wanted to post a few pictures from yesterday and the day before. (Having trouble uploading pictures and/or doing slideshows, so I guess pictures will have to wait until tomorrow.) Mom and the "Chatty Girls" did Secret Santas and Sunday was the time to open them! Mia sent AnnaClaire a Christmas cd and a ladybug apron, potholder, oven mitt, and towel! It is the cutest little set... and perfect since our girl got a kitchen for Christmas!

These ones are from last night. AnnaClaire was so excited to leave a cookie for Santa! She happily brought the plate over and put it down. I told her she was leaving it for SANTA, and she picked the plate back up and held it towards our little Santa thing. It was funny. She said her night nights and went to bed while the rest of us watched Christmas with the Kranks and assembled Little Miss' pink kitchen!

So after having a pretty late night assembling, we went to bed. I think I was the first one up, despite being up until 2. After a little, I heard AnnaClaire so I went in and AC woke up Will and Drew by knocking on their door and saying, "Merry Christmas, boys! Wake up! Wake up! Santa came!" She was very excited. We posed for the infamous stair pictures and went downstairs. Immediately AnnaClaire noticed her "pink kitchen" and ran over, "Pink chitchen! Pink chitchen!" That kept her occupied awhile... even though it was bare! She opened her stocking to find crayons, a pink princess apron (which she insisted on wearing... and wouldn't let anyone take it off!), a baby bottle, a little block thing with automobiles and if you match them correctly, it makes the sound that that thing makes. She loves it. We then started opening presents. We made the rounds, and I'm going to have to say Miss AC fared pretty well this Christmas! Her big thing was of course the kitchen. Besides that, she got pots, plans, dishes, kitchen tools, a mixer, foods for her kitchen, books, Elmo, Christmas cookies stuff, a little fabric makeup kit from Pottery Barn, a pink princess camera (from Sissy), and one of her favorites of all... an Asian meal thing from the Whites! It's the cutest thing. There's a wok maker and then all sorts of Asian foods. AnnaClaire walked around all day with her "chops" (rice and chopsticks)and fed them to everyone in the family, including Elmo. She would not let go of her "chops" and wouldn't let anyone else touch them... only AnnaClaire! She was adorable with them. Thank you so much Maddy and family!!! I think that's it, but I might be missing something. There were so many! AnnaClaire loved all her gifts. I think it was really overwhelming for her. We are blessed with so many kind friends, family, and neighbors. Every gift came from someone other than mom and dad besides the kitchen and stocking stuffers. Anyway, I wish you could've seen our princess open her gifts. She opened each one carefully and with such care. If it helps any, the opening of the gifts took almost 3 hours this year. Normally it takes about... 1 maybe. AnnaClaire would open each one and would do it all by herself. Then she would take it out look at it, play with it, and just sit there loving it. This is how it was for each and every gift for AnnaClaire. She was so cute. So focused. Near the end, she was ready to just play with what she had and wanted me to open for her. All her presents were huge hits. She carried her camera around for the longest time, just "taking pictures" of everyone. She also loved her wooden hot cocoa mug and carried it everywhere. She got so many great gifts. She also has a new favorite stuffed animal... Elmo! Funny because she doesn't have one Elmo book, and has never watched Elmo, but she knows exactly who he is! Maybe the nursery. But what 2 year old DOESN'T love Elmo? I'm going to have to say AnnaClaire got some really nice pots and pans. They are really nice! PB has really cute pots and pans and dishes! Also, Target makes really good, nice wooden foods. Joesph Beth also has really cute Melissa and Doug foods. We had a delicious Christmas brunch and birthday cake for Jesus. We finished up advent and all afternoon was spent playing with our latest stuff, until a delicious Christmas dinner.

Of course I have to share all my goodies =). My big thing was I got an ipod touch! It's so awesome!! I love it. It is really amazing... internet, youtube, music, pictures, video... wow. I also got sweat pants, a sweat shirt, lots of giftcards and money, great stocking stuffers, cds, and stuff to print pictures. It was a very good Christmas!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I just love Christmas time. I'm sad it's already over. Have a great night and remember that Jesus is the reason for the season!

Sorry again about no pictures. I even tried just uploading one to hold you over... no luck... I'll try again tomorrow as I have quite a few to share!


Robin said...

We are so very glad AnnaClaire loved her little Feast from the East. Maddy made us food all night as well. I hot-glued the sushi together so the pieces were not so small. She has done very well with them. Infact, she is cooking me up something right this very moment. :0)

Sounds like everyone had a wonderful time with family. Can't beat that!

Here's to a wonderful 2008. and who knows, perhaps we will see a referral for Miss Kate in 2008.

Sissy Sarah and Miss Maddy said...

well at least youre one step in front of me! i haven't even posted about christmas yet. maddy loves her books that she got from mom's blogger buddies :-) Now if we can only get her to sit still long enough to read them to her. LOL. Hope Anna Claire is doing well. And it sounds like you had a great christmas

Brittany said...

Ohh I bet it was so much fun
lauren got what she wanted a micophone(play of course) and tons of Elmo.

Happy New Year
Lauren's Jie Jie