Friday, March 27, 2009

Always Smiling

My goodness, how I love this sweet little girl and her SMILE! As she would say, "I'm just crackin' you up!" She is always making us laugh. Oh the joy that our spunky three year old brings us daily! She is always smiling, and oh what a smile she has! She has such a spunk and zest for life! Whether it be while she's pretending, talking (and talking!), playing, reading, eating, dressing up... she's always so HAPPY. I love that about her! Her smile is just contagious! And not only that, but I love the way that she loves Jesus! She is the loudest singer at bible study and knows every word to every single song they sing. In fact, next week, she's going on the stage with the music lady (just her- no other kids!) to sing to all of the 200+ ladies at the Bible study! She's always sooo excited to tell me what she learned about Jesus at Bible study. And then there's her sweet prayers before dinner, that go something like this...

"Dear God, thank you for my food and thank you for my WHOLE family! Thank you for everything! Thank you for Drew and Daddy coming home from work and thank you for me and Kate coming home from CHINA! Thank you for Dora and Diego (and then she always giggles) and thank you for my WHOLE family! AAAAAAAAAAMEN!"

She's not the only one smiling. She makes everyone around her smile and I just know that she's making Jesus smile, too. I pray that she ALWAYS loves him, looks to him, and isn't afraid to shout out his name!

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