Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy Birthday, Precious Kate!

Happy birthday, my precious two year old! I had so much fun celebrating your special day with you and I cannot wait to watch you grow. But for now, lets stick with turning two...

First things first. When you wake up on your birthday, it is important to get dressed in something really cute. Because we all know that if you look cute, you feel cute!
Just in case you didn't get enough cuteness, here's a little more. Oh and if you have any, squeaky shoes are preferable. They attract lots of attention and you are sure to get lots of "oh my goodness look how cute that little girl is!" if you do wear them. Plus, what could be better than hearing yourself squeak all. day. long?
After your favorite breakfast of a whole wheat bagel with cinnamon sugar, play extra nice. If you do, your mommy might take you to your favorite restaurant, which would obviously be Chick*fil*a. And maybe your best friend will even show up and bring a present for you! And best of all, you might even stop by your big sissy's school and get to bring her to lunch, too!
If you eat really well (and even if you don't) the sweet hostess (who knows you by name because you eat at Chick*fil*a so much) might bring you, your sister and your friend, "Mina" some ice cream. Maybe she will even put some sprinkles on and sing the happy birthday song to you!
If you ask, your mommy might even let you go outside and play! If you have a big sister like my AnnaClaire, she might even help you go down the slide. If you have a great friend like "Mina," she might even share some of her teddy grahams with you. And since you are looking extra cute, everyone will most likely look at you and tell you how adorable you are.
If you take a really good nap, your biggest sissy might just take you outside and offer you M&Ms if you give her a sweet smile. If you are really, really cooperative, she might take you and your other sister to play with some friends across the street! If she is that nice, be sure to remind her that you are now two (and cute as can be!) and say it in a really, really cute voice. Not like she needed reminding, anyway.
If you have a really great family, they will probably take you to your other favorite restaurant, Pei Wei. Since it's your birthday, no one can get mad when you plop your feet on the table and start stuffing noodles in your mouth. Not like they could ever get mad at you anyway. Your big sissy would just laugh and pull out the camera.
When you get back from dinner, there is a good possibility that a light pink homemade cake (made by your favorite big sisters!) will be waiting. Everyone will start singing the happy birthday song and that's when you know to start dancing and clapping. At the end of the song, it's important to blow out all the candles. That's how birthdays work in America!
Your family might want to take a few pictures with you, because you are so cute. Be sure to cooporate because that most likely means they will be more generous on your cake size.
Make sure to love extra hard on your biggest sissy. Thank her for getting out of school early to come to lunch with you. (ha) Tell her how much you love the cake she made for you and she'll smother you with kisses. Given fact.
Give a big smile with your mommy and daddy, because they most likely bought you a lot of new things, and it's good to be appreciative. They'll want to keep buying you things if you are.
Eat your cake until your heart is content, because since it's your birthday, you can have as much as you want! Since that only happens once a year, eat a lot!
Savor every minute of "cake time" with your family, because they are all there. And that just doesn't happen that much when you have teenage siblings! Plus, you will be eating a slice of heaven. No need to rush that!
When you're done with your cake, your mommy might just take you to a pile of presents, which she tells you are all for you. The quicker you smile with your pile, the quicker you open the presents. Be sure to remember that little tip! It might just come in handy!
When opening presents, know that your big sister might want to help you. She likes to open things to and it's good to share. Plus, if you let her help you, maybe she'll let you help her on her next birthday! Oh and when you open the cutest doll ever, be sure to give her a big hug. Everyone will thing you are so cute if you do that. I mean, not that everyone doesn't think you are cute already.
Let your sissy put on your new pink tu tu because you will look like a complete doll in it. Your daddy will start videotaping you, your sissy will take some pictures, your mommy will go crazy over how adorable you are. Especially if you stick your hiney in the air and your tu tu goes straight out.
If you want to cry for no reason at all, go ahead. Since it is, afterall, your birthday. And since it's your birthday, you can cry if you want to.
Tell your sister to get her tutu so you can dance together. We all know that dancing with your sister is one of the funnest things you could do. Especially when you both fall down on top of eachother! Yes, danacing with your sister is just so much fun!
Before you go to bed, pose for one last picture with your sister and your dollies. Only because they are the cutest dolls ever and you think that everyone who has a little girl (or a little boy!) should have one. Anyway, if you do pose, you might just get another M&M. To finish the night, give everyone a happy birthday kiss and let them sing happy birthday to you one more time... because it will be another year before that song is sung for you again.

Happy second birthday, sweet Katherine MeiLing!! I love you so much!


Jean said...

Happy Birthday Kate!! You are so precious! I have loved following your journey! You have 2 awesome big sisters and a wonderful Mom!
I am so glad you enjoyed your day!!

Traci said...

oh. my. goodness! that was absolutely precious! loved the tutu! happy 2nd birthday kate!

Dawn said...

Emily, you are too cute!!!
LOVE LOVE your entry. Thanks so much for sharing and happy birthday to precious Kate!!!
Yeah God...

Melissa said...

Aw Looks like Kate had a super fun birthday!!!
She is adorable Emily

Jeanette said...

What a special post Emily!!! I loved hearing about her entire birthday day!!! The pictures are precious, looks like she had such a special day and you all had such a wonderful time celebrating with her! Ok, the tutu...that is quite possibly the cutest thing I have seen!!!! Love it!!!

jeanette said...

Happy Birthday Miss Kate!

what a great post!
LOVE LOVE LOVE the tutu pictures. and the pout/cry picture! :) too cute!

Global Girl said...

Cute post :)

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

Kimberly said...

Happy Birthday to Kate!! She is just precious. I love love love her monogrammed jumper and new tutu. Sounds like it was a wonderful day!

Caroline said...

You wrote a delightful story of Kate's birthday! I'm sure she can feel how much she is loved!

Kristi said...

What a fun recount of Kate's big day! Happy Birthday Kate, your first of many with your forever family!

Robin said...

Happy Belated Birthday Sweet Kate. Oh my goodness how you have grown in such a short time with your forever family. You can see the love each of your share. :0)

LOVE the tutu!!

Staci said...

Happy 2nd Birthday to Kate!!!!! What a big girl!! Absolutely love the way you did that post- it was just way too cute!! Love, love, love the pictures! What a beautiful birthday girl!! =D

Lexie said...

Love these birthday pictures!! Looks like she had so much fun!

Those baby dolls are TOO CUTE!

And so are the real little dolls! ;)