Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kind of Wordless Wednesday

Have you noticed how bad I am at wordLESS Wednesdays? I just have so much to say. Like what an absolutely adorable girl is pictured above and how each time I look at her, my heart grows... Oh and have I mentioned how much I love her closed mouth smile? 'Cause I do.

And since we're talking about AnnaClaire, let me rewrite what she just told me...

"I am a good big sister to Kate because Kate is a good little sister to me and Sissy is a good big sister to me AND Kate!"

I do love my big, little sister!


Jeanette said...

I have a hard time being "wordless" on Wednesday too! Cute picture of AC!!!

Anneli Johnson said...

Emily!!! Your siblings are absolutely adorable!!! How are you doing? I'm just getting caught up on some of my blogs and realized that I'd totally lost touch with you. Hope things are going well!