Monday, March 9, 2009

Summer Sneak Peak :)

My amazingly adorable sisters :)
AnnaClaire LOVES to swim... especially with her Daddy!
She has the best smile... even from the side
Kate gave AC a thumbs up so AC was returning the favor :)

We have had some incredible weather this weekend and today. I'm talking 70s! We're all loving this summer like weather. I think it's time for the spring clothes to come out! Today we had a little sneak peak of summer and the girlies wore their new bathingsuits...

Dad came home early from work, so he promised AnnaClaire that he would take her to the Y*M*C*A* pool to swim. She's been a few times and absolutely loves it! I didn't have much homework, so I went with so that we could bring Kate along. They looked so stinkin' adorable in their new flowered skirtie bathingsuits from Mini Bo*den. (I mean seriously... have you ever seen anything so cute?) Once we got in the actual water, we discovered Kate is not water baby. Of course, neither was AnnaClaire when she first went to the pool. (Look at that chubby goodness!) Kate did warm up to the water a little at one point (what I mean by that is she clung on to me with her head on my shoulder, but didn't cry) she even let out a few laughs. But then someone splashed her, and there was no going back. We got out and we enjoyed watching AnnaClaire swim with Daddy. Kate ended up having a fun time of giving thumbs up, cheering, and clapping for AnnaClaire while bundled in her little towel. AnnaClaire had so much fun, as always, just swimming around. She is our little fishie! She could swim all day long if we let her. Of course, she needs to really learn how to swim. I told her I'm giving her swim lessons soon because she's 3.5 and she needs to get over putting her head under water :) mean sissy! Anyway, we had a fun afternoon and look forward to lots more pool days... and soon enough OUTDOOR pool days!

By the way, I took sooo many pictures when we went to the mountains on Saturday for Kate's birthday. They are coming as soon as I have time to upload that many pictures. I also have a few cute ones from yesterday and some cute little girl stories. These two are full of funny and adorable moments :) Anyway, those posts are coming soon, I promise.


jeanette said...

ok-that is some serious cuteness!!! oh my! :)

I bet Kate is a water baby by the end of summer. :)

Kristi said...

Those are the cutest little bathing suits! Anna Claire and Kate are way to adorable in them!

Anonymous said...

You sure know how to make a Wisconsin girl jealous. :-)

The girls are adorable!

Anonymous said...

I just love the pictures, Emily! The girls are too cute in their suits!