Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pool Day!

Yesterday, we went to our waterpark with Mia and Mrs. L All three girlies had a BLAST!
They are so sweet together! I'm so, so glad that Kate and AC have a little friend to do things with and that Mom has a good friend nearby with a little one!
AC and Mia loved riding down the little frog slide! Kate was too scared to try...
But Kate did like standing and walking a little in the water... and looking at the froggie slide!
At one of the adult swims, we had a snack break.. Mia's mommy even brought some Chinese rice cookies which all three girls loved!
And then it was back to the pool for more fun...
Kate enjoyed watching the bigger girls play in the water... and working on her tan :) a little glimpse of 16 year old here!! She liked going in the water, too, when she was held... a big change from the last time I was at the pool with her!!!
AnnaClaire does SO good in the water. She absolutely loves it! She loves just splashing around and sliding!
Can you tell?
She even went on the bigger (still not that big) slide in the baby pool area!
Afterwards, Mia and her mommy came back to our house for lunch. The girls had fun playing with the iron!
and playing (more like banging!) the piano! We had such a fun day! Tomorrow, Mia, AC, Kate and the mommies are going to a story time pinic! They always have so much fun together.. it's sweet :)


Kristi said...

Now that pool looks like fun! We're going to be in your neck of the woods before long, I need to give your mom a call and see if we can work out a play date. Kylie would love to "fwim in da poul" with AC!

Catherine said...

What wonderful times for friends to hang out together! They're forming precious friendships young. Wonderful!!