Saturday, June 27, 2009

Swim Meets and Pool Fun

My beautiful girl striking a pose at the swim meet...
AnnaClaire looking at the heatsheet with B and helping her coach!
Funny how she's telling the swimmers what to do, and she is 3 years old and learning to swim herself!
One of my friends took this one... my sweet girl again! She is so loved!
AC playing with K., a sweet 5 year old at our pool who AnnaClaire loved swimming around with!
The girls came to visit me at work :)
Beautiful Kate LOVED the pool!
AnnaClaire and a friend she met, M. They are both 3 and had so much fun playing together!

All of these pictures are from Thursday and today. On Thursday, AnnaClaire came to our summer league swim meet with me. We joined the pool to late for me to swim this year, but I've still gone to almost every meet and AC had SO much fun tagging along. She was quite the little coach. It was very sweet.

Then today, Mom, Dad, and Drew brought the little girls by the neighborhood pool to visit me (I was guarding tonight)! They had so much fun and loved playing in their tubes and in the baby pool. Kate was so brave and didn't even cling onto me when she was in her tube. (The pool wasn't too crowded so I got to get in for a few minutes with them.) AnnaClaire was just swimming around everywhere and making friends with EVERYONE. AnnaClaire also loved the baby pool and had so much fun with a little girl, M., that she met. They played so sweetly. Both of our little girls are soooo loved at our pool! We've been members for the past 14 years and everyone has seen our family go from 5-7! I remember when we first got AC's referral in July of '06, they put her referral picture on the bulletin board at the pool... same for Kate's last year! Everyone has enjoyed getting to meet Miss Kate this year and see AnnaClaire again... she has grown so much since last summer :(

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Robin said...

They certainly have grown a LOT. Miss AC has so much character.. it just jumps off the pages of your blog :0)