Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Shore Parts 1 & 2

It took us longer than expected (13 hours!) to get in due to traffic in DC, so we didn't get to the house until a little before 10 on Thursday. However, all the girls were still up and waiting for us by the screen door. There were lots of hugs as the girls all reunited/united!
After a little playing, the girls went to sleep... they all wanted to sleep in this bed, but only Grace ended up with it :)
Friday morning, the girls all hit it off with a game of ring a round the rosie! They had so much fun playing that throughout the weekend!
Precious Shaoey!
It was very rainy out, so sadly, we couldn't head to the beach. All the girls had a lot of fun staying in though! Here they are pretending to play rockband/watching Tinker*bell!
AnnaClaire loved playing with the other big sisters, Laura (9) and Grace (6)!
AC and Lucy... Chenzhou sisters! They were so sweet together!
Giggling about something!
AC, Mia, Shaoey, and SS eating lunch at the little table. All of the girls loved to come sit there and we had to pull up/make some chairs to fit more girls!
Lucy, Shaoey, and AC! They were three of four surprise referrals that came in July of '06! Love seeing them together now!
A bunch of the girls all hanging out on the couch. Mia brought sticker books, which they loved doing, and they enjoyed drawing!
Sleepy Mia! All the fun and friends wore the girls out!
I know I already posted this one, but just because they are so cute... here it is again! the shirts are from!
All the little sisters and big sisters! (there is one other big sister who couldn't come and lots of big brothers, too!)
We had a fiesta night at night complete with enchiladas and a pinata!
Here's AC taking a swing at the pinata... all of the girls agreed that it was so fun!
Kate and Emily with their pinata candy! They were sneaking it all throughout the weekend :)
Kate, Mia, AC, and Emily enjoying their lollipops!

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Anonymous said...

I wanted to order those cute shirts but am unsure of the sizes. Did they run big? Did you have to hem them? My girls wear size 12 mos and size 4 in Carters and other similar brands. Thanks for the link!