Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Help! EDITED!!

There are so many things I want to post about... just so much on my heart lately! However, before I do all that, I wanted to ask you all for some help!

I have asked before, but it was awhile ago, and I am thinking I may have some new readers, some people who never saw the post, or some people who didn't send one but would like to know... so I am going to ask again.

I was going through Kate's quilt squares and wishes the other day and realized that we only have 55 squares/wishes. Since it's a 100 Good Wishes Quilt, that makes us 45 short. I would LOVE if any of you would like to help us out with Kate's quilt! It's really easy and I promise it doesn't take much time! All you have to do is cut out a 10x10 inch (don't worry about measuring... just something around there!) square of a fabric of your choosing! Then, write (handwritten or typed... either is fine) a wish/prayer for Kate. You can include a bible verse, poem, quote, etc... or just something you came up with yourself! Then just stick the square and the wish/prayer into an envelop and send it to us... wala! If you are collecting squares, I'd be happy to send you one in return!

Email me for details of where to send it. I would also love to "meet" some of you that read my blog, and get your blog address if you have one! My email is! Thank you in advance! I so appreciate it, and I know Kate will, someday, too!

EDITED TO ADD: After some thought, we've decided to go on and collect squares/wishes for Charlie, as well! So if you already sent one for Kate and would like to send one for Charlie, or if you haven't sent one for Kate yet and would like to send one for both kiddos, email me and I'll let you know where to send it! THANK YOU!!


Cheri said...

I would love to send Kate a square and was wondering if your collecting for Charlie? If so I'll send one for him as well.

The Red Thread Connection said...

send me your address and I will send you a

Heather said...

I would love to send Kate a square and Charlie too. I will get them both out next week! :)

We get asked the same question about Eli and Claire .. still catches me by suprise.

Love the pictures of the girls - so sweet!

Julie said...

I'm going to see if my parents have spare fabric at their house (I'm pretty sure they do) and if so I'll send one for Kate and one for Charlie. :) I'm really bad at coming up with what to say for things like that, so it will probably just be like a popular bible verse or something that I bet a lot of people use...but I'll love to help anyway! :) I'll email you if I find fabric.