Tuesday, November 3, 2009

True Sisters

Last night, we were driving to Tra*der Jo*es, and AnnaClaire said, "I just love you Kate." After saying it a few times to her baby sister, Kate looked at AC and said, "I love you, too, Claire!"

So many times, we get asked, "Are they REAL sisters?"

First of all, does it REALLY matter to same random person at Wal*Mart or wherever else we might be?

But getting past the initial annoyance over that question, here is my honest answer. YES. They are real sisters. In fact, they couldn't BE more of sisters. Sure, they might be from different provinces of China and they might've been born from different birth mothers. But do you know what? God perfectly and miraculously brought them together as SISTERS. He brought them together from completely different provinces at completely different times into one state, one city, one home, one FAMILY... to be sisters. It isn't the DNA that makes them related... it's the love and it's the miracle of adoption. And as I listen to my sweet girls giggles coming from under the blanket, as they "hid" from Mom at bed time, AnnaClaire whispering, "Shhhh.. don't say anything!" and Kate just giggling away... and as I peek at them all snuggled up watching Do*ra, covered in blankies... and as I watch them hug and kiss goodnight every night before bedtime... and as I listen to them telling eachother that the love eachother... and as I hear AnnaClaire excitedly tell people about her baby sister, Kate Cakes... I can't see how anyone would say that they aren't sisters.


Anonymous said...


What a beautiful post about your sisters. You can see the love between them in the pictures...it is obvious!! and the love that you have for them radiates from your words...


Kimberly said...

What a wonderful post-- they are sisters in every sense of the word and relationship!

Julie said...

Love this post! They ARE sisters! And I love your new blog header! Random question, why do some of the words on your entries have *s in them? (like Tra*der Jo*es & Do*ra). Just wondering since I have noticed it a few times. Does it have to do with copyright stuff, cause I think I only notice it on those type words? I didn’t know you couldn’t just write out those words on blogs lol. Anyways, I love your blog! The girls are adorable, and I can tell that you are a wonderful big sister!

Kristi said...

I so agree that genetics has not a lot to do with real family! My kids are so much like that too ~ and they are brother and sister!

Keri said...

Such adorable pictures. They are definitely real sisters!


Janet and Kevin said...

Sweet post. We get that comment too when we show people our newest picture of our Eli who is waiting for us in China. "Is he Philip's real brother?" Of course he is!

Born of different birth mothers, in different provinces - not only are they "real" brothers to each other, but they are Ted's "real" brothers too through God's miracle of adoption. I say, "Amen" to your post.

In Christ,
Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and waiting and nesting for Eli

Debbie said...

AMEN! Well said. I completely agree with everything you have said.
We go through the same with Abby & Jadyn. And when I did answer to 1 lady "Yes they are real sisters", she actually said to me "How do you know?" I said "Because I'm their mother".
Your sisters are so precious. They remind me so much of my girls.
Love, Debbie

Amy said...

YES, they are true sisters! Absolutely adorable too, as always. That is my least favorite question about my girls. I always reply, "they are now" . Maybe we are running into the same people :0) . I wish I could just say, "yes" and the questions would end. You are an amazing sister too!

Judi said...

Precious pictures and post!

Jean said...

That is the most common and craziest question. You are exactly right- why do people even ask it? Does it matter?

Love the pics of the cuddly girls! How fun!!

You always have such cute blogs!