Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bunk Beds!

We set up the girls' bunk beds over the weekend... they ADORE them! We have waited so long to do it because the girls are both AWESOME sleepers and we didn't want to ruin a good thing too early... but they have amazed us with how well they are doing together! Kate is SO excited to finally be able to sleep in a big girl bed and AnnaClaire is loving sharing a room!

Someone had questioned why Grace "isn't as important" and why we haven't posted any pictures with anything we've done for her... Well, now that Kate is out of her crib, we will be assembing Grace's bed (the daybed that was in AC's room) into Kate's old room for Grace... so that is why I have never posted pictures of her room. As soon as it's done, I will. Also, we asked for updated measurements and are still waiting for those before we buy her any clothes, which is why I've never posted clothes pictures... we don't have any! I'm sorry that you even considered that Grace "isn't as important" or that she is just a "good deed." These things are absolutely not true. I just run out of things to say after endless waiting. I think most people know how EXCITED and ANXIOUS I am to meet sweet Grace and Charlie... my heart aches for the day...

So anyway, enjoy the bunk bed pictures. The girls are so excited about their new arrangement... hopefully the joy doesn't wear off ;)


Nicole said...

I have to say, that is adorable.

I am also going to have to say, maybe anyone who would make such comments about Grace, knows nothing about you and your family, it made me mad! I know how the wait is, I know how things go, I never thought that! Just so ya know!!

Love to all of you :)

Jean said...

LOVE the bunk beds!! Ours will be delivered on Friday and assembled next Tuesday- by the handyman which is a whole nother post for me!!

The girls are adorable in their new bedroom!! WooHoo!!

Oh my Grace is so important along with Charlie! I never had any other impression. Absolutely not a good deed- more like an incredible blessing and joy to your family! Hoping and praying you get her update soon!!

Robin said...

Love the bunk beds and "big girl" room. So sorry that anyone would think that your family isn't thinking of Grace. Geez!! I can't wait to see Grace's sweet room once it's done for her. You can only do so much at a time. People who think you are just taking Grace as a good deed do NOT know your family!!!!!!! (and your wonderful, giving, loving hearts)

Joy said...

I am so sorry that people would have said those mean things to you. From what I have read on your blog you are a wonderful big sister to all your siblings even the ones you haven't met yet in person. I can't wait until you can blog about hugging your sister and brother for the first time.

Football and Fried Rice said...

i think it's curious that someone even has the time or energy to wonder how much YOU care about your little sister :) I think it is obvious how much you pour your heart out!

Love the "little" girls' room! I am looking forward to seeing how adorable Grace's will be too!

Keri said...

Love the pictures of the girlies with their new beds!
I thought about commenting on the comment you got, but it ended up not sounding very nice when I was done! I am just going to leave it with everyone knows how you and your family feel about Grace and anyone who can't see that is just jealous.

Janet and Kevin said...

Love the beds. It looks like your little sisters do to!

Can hardly wait for your two newest family members to come home. Know that you can hardly wait, too! :)

Janet and gang

Anonymous said...

There are just some very sick people out there, Miss Emily! Don't listen to them - those of us who know your family, well, we KNOW BETTER! Ignore those comments!

Jen Barbee said...

Ignore those who comment without knowing your heart. Don't even acknowledge them.

Wife of the Pres. said...

What is the deal with these types of comments lately??? It never ceases to amaze me the AUDACITY of complete strangers to say things on our blogs. One lady told me I needed to be more like someone else and then told me she wasn't ever going to come to my blog anymore. And you know I thought to myself, "Well good riddance." Maybe not my most shining moment but it is what I thought.

I have not posted much about Joel's life in China and probably never will. He is older too and I just figured part of why you hadn't posted much is a). it hurts to talk about it when we so desperately want them home; b). she is older and you are not sharing a lot of details and c). you don't have her room ready.

Seriously, what is the deal with people??? I just don't get it I guess. You should see the photo of his room we sent to Li'l Dude. There were clothes everywhere and castles stuff and it was not neat. I laughed and figured the ayis would get a kick out of it at any rate. However, I didn't post it on the blog b/c of the aforementioned mess!

HUGS sweet Emily. Don't worry about the negative comments. They are not meant for good and I know how hurtful they can be.

Julie said...

Oh my! Someone obviously can not tell from the blog that you and your family have the kindest, most loving hearts!