Monday, May 3, 2010

Sweet Girls

I absolutely love this dress... especially the bottom :) Katie Cakes striking a pose in her "America" dress! (In the words of AC... "we are 'mericans and we live in Norf Carowina!")
Her purse has all her treasures... her Bible, her "credit card," her bookmark, and some jewels.

Thank you all for your sweet, sweet comments on my prom post! It really was a fun night... getting ready, taking pictures, and of course the dance itself. Dinner was at prom, and it was delicious. Oh and for those of you wondering... the guy I went with was totally a friend, but we had a lot of fun together. :)

Okay.. just had to post these pictures of the girls after Church on Sunday. Oh my goodness I just love these two so much. And yes, I am aware that they simply just don't come much cuter than these sweeties (okay, maybe I am a bit biased)


Jean said...

They definitely are 2 of the cutest little sissies I've seen! Of course I think big Sis Kate is sayin that about her 2 sissies in MN, too! It is so awesome lovin these little girls!

Those dresses are adorable! I'm goin shoppin with your Momma for my girls!!

Nightingale said...

You may be biased...but rightfully so! AC and Katie are some of the cutest little girls I've ever seen!!! You are very blessed

Tina said...

OMW..I cannot believe how "grownie" AC is already!!