Monday, May 17, 2010

Princess Night!

Tonight was princess night at Chick*fila! Even the cow got all dressed up for the "ball!"
The girlies were so excited to see their favorite hostess!
And they even got to walk down the red carpet!
The girls got their toes done...
AnnaClaire proudly showed off her toe nails!
And there was a makeup station, too.
AnnaClaire loved looking in the mirror to see her beautiful makeup!
Kate loved getting all done up, too!She was especially excited because Snow White did her make up!
So beautiful with her eye shadow, lip stick, and blush!
And Kate, too... such a princess!
There was even ice cream with sprinkles! AnnaClaire chose purple...
and Kate, of course, picked pink!


Judi said...

What a fun evening! The girls looked so cute!

Jean said...

The girls are beaming, they are adorable!!

We need a "chick a fil" around here! I am so sorry to say I have no clue what it is?? Wow, am I out of it!

Staci said...

two beautiful little princesses :)

The Greens said...

Hey Emily,

Would you consider putting a link to our newest post? It would really help us bring our Lexi home!

Thanks either way. I think the world of you!