Monday, July 19, 2010

Answers: Part 1

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about all of your questions! I have been working a lot lately, my friend is in town from Pittsburgh, and I was at the lake this weekend, celebrating a friend's birthday, so that is why I haven't posted yet. :) I'm thinking I'll do the posts by categories, as there are a lot of questions to answer for just one post..

I figured I'd answer these first, since this is the number one question I have been asked lately, both in "real life" and on the blog! As I'm sure you can guess, this post is all about college.

What are your future educational goals?
I just have to finish up this year of high school and then I definitely want to go to college. I am also praying about possibly defering a year to do some missions in China before heading to college. We'll just see where he leads me throughout this year!

Where do you plan to go to college? Do you have a major picked out yet?
*Right now, I'm looking at Baylor, Auburn, Clemson, and UNC. I'm really not sure what I want to major in. I guess I'm looking at social work or something along those lines!

Just wondering if you think you'll go to Baylor?!?
*If Baylor were closer than a 20 hour drive away, I think so. I absolutely love it. My mom always tells me to pick a school for the school and not for the distance, but I really would love to go somewhere that is a drivable distance from home. I also haven't been on too many college visits (I have seen all of my top schools' campuses, but when I was younger for swim meets and not for an actual tour) and I feel like I need to go tour all of those places, too. Things just got a bit hectic this year to do it all with the adoptions!

I would like to know if you plan to go away to school, and if so how will that affect things at home. My daughter is going to college in the fall and I am very worried about how it will affect Lilly. They are sooo close.
*I am worried about this, too. This is the reason that I am trying to look at schools that are not quite as far as say, Baylor. Not that I want to be home every weekend, but I do want to see the littles (and my parents!) more than at the big holidays. I am obviously very close with my little siblings and want to remain being a huge part of their lives. They will miss me! I think my mom will miss me and my help, too. :) Or I'd like to think so! I just don't know how I can be away from everyone for such long periods of time... but I know it will work out. It will just all be really different! I will OF COURSE plan to talk/skype with them a lot :)

How do you think it'll be when you go off to college... assuming to go far? How hard will it be for not only you, but also your siblings?
It will be hard for me, and I do think it will be hard for them. I will miss them all so much. As much as I will miss them, I am also really excited for a new season in my life!

If you are going to go away to school (Baylor), who is going to keep us up-to-date on your precious family?
Hopefully my mom. If all the chanting for her works! :)


Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Jenna said...

Oh yeah!! Auburn is on your list. We live here and our ministry here is to work with college students. We love the Christian environment that Auburn provides for being a public university! If you all head this way for a tour, we would love to help you out any way we can!

Kristi said...

Okay Pam, you feel the pressure? Come on and step into the world of blogging...
Emily, I'll admit that I had wondered about "the littles" and how it would be for all of you if you were so far away. And you know that if you decide to be a tarheel that we're not too far down the road.

Kathy said...

War Eagle too !! We live in Opelika( right by Auburn). Let us know !

Our Journey to Rachel said...

I have immensely enjoyed following your blog. I don't even remember how I came across it. It is so obvious from your words how much you love your siblings. Thank you for documenting your journey. You are an inspiration to so many people and I truly believe God has special plans for you.

Sherry Crist