Friday, July 23, 2010

Nothing like the miracle of adoption...

 Sara Beth and AnnaClaire waiting to welcome home Mia Grace!
 Some of the kids patiently waiting...
 Sweet sisters, Emma Grace and Sarah Mei, waiting!
 Here they come!!
 No words to describe the feeling of this moment...
 The boys finally meeting their baby sister!
 They just couldn't stop looking at her :) So sweet.
 AC showing Miss Amy and Mia Grace the sign she and Gracie made!
 Precious, precious girl!
 Finally home!
 Beautiful Jeanette and her sweet Sara Beth!
 Finally a family of FIVE!
 The welcoming crew!
 Finally getting to hold his mei mei!
Ring around the rosie while the mommies were talking!

In 2006, the "waiting mommies" group began. There were 4 mommies who were just months apart with paperwork. We all lived fairly close and met because we all used the same website host! The moms met at Chickfila quite often for enouragement during the paperchasing and waiting! One lunch, Jeanette brought along one of her friends, who was very interested in China adoptions. Ever since then, it has been these 5 moms... loving, encouraging, waiting, and welcoming each other home. AnnaClaire was the first home, just months after our little group began. Dana began a concurrent adoption as their wait lengthened, and brought beautiful Maia home from Vietnam at the beginning of '08. We followed shortly after with Kate in Oct. of that year. Last September, we welcomed precious Sara Beth home! In January, Sarah Mei and Aliana came home. Of course, we came home with Charlie and Gracie earlier this month, and FINALLY we got to welcome home precious Mia Grace today! Which means that our little group is complete... for the time being! (who's next?!)

Anyway, it was an amazing afternoon. There is NOTHING like being at the airport and getting to witness this miracle. Just as amazing as it is to walk down the escalator and see familiar faces holding up signs, it is just as wonderful to be on the giving end... and get to witness a family who is united by the miracle of watch the newest American citizen come home... to see that there is one less orphan in the world... I don't think there was a dry eye among any of us. It was such a beautiful moment!

And sweet Mia Grace, boy is she precious! It was so fun to see her in person after following their website throughout their trip! Just can't wait to watch this darling little girl grow!



Jeanette said...

Great pictures, great post Emily!!!! I'm gonna post a link to this on my blog since my pics didn't turn out. I know Amy is going to love having all of these pictures of her homecoming!

Dana said...

Ok, I was there in person, but reading this made the tears start flowing again. There was just something about seeing the last one of us come down those airport steps today with their child that made it all complete. It was so emotional then and still is when I read your sweet post. Thanks Emily for the precious words.

Judi said...

Nice post! What a special group of mommies and children! That moment of arriving at the final airport and seeing your family and friends is so precious. Reading your post today helped me relive the emotions of the moment we came home with Haleigh just two months ago. Priceless, indeed!

TanyaLea said...

oh what a beautiful moment. We have been home with Khloe exactly 8 weeks today, and it just made me relive everything from seeing this. Nothing quite so precious as the addition of another little blessing!! God is good! <><

Debbie said...

I love how adoption brings strangers together, and makes them best friends. What an amazing journey for all of you. One day I hope to meet the rest of you. I was excited to meet Dana & Joy in China in Jan. (Can't believe it's been 6 months). Love the photos! And Welcome home Robert's Family.
Hugs from FL

Beth said...

You dont have to even know the family....every time I read an account or see pics/video of a kiddo coming home....the tears start coming!! Funny thing is I did not cry the day we arrived home with our son! I think I was too jet lagged - ha ha!!

Amy said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures, the beautiful post and for being there for our amazing day!! Your family is so very precious and we love you all!!