Sunday, October 10, 2010

A crazy week!

This past week was homecoming week at school, so we had dress up days, the big homecoming game on Friday, and the dance on Saturday! It was really fun but also crazy with all of the activities and working on stuff after school, so it's nice to be HOME! Anyway, here's some pictures from that...

And here's some that I took last weekend of the kiddos before Church. It was a little shadowy, so they aren't the best... but I think the cuteness of my subjects makes up for it :)

We're all doing well! I took my S*AT for the last time yesterday and am now just waiting to hear back from colleges! I ended up only applying to 3, so I'm excited to hear back!!!

I didn't see much of the kiddos because I was gone working on stuff for homecoming during the week, but it sounds like they've had a fun week, too! Mom and her friend took all of the kids to the apple farm last Friday, so I have a ton of pictures from that. They've been making apple pies and homemade applesauce since... delicious!

Anyway, enjoy these pictures of my cuties~


Traci said...

It looks as if you're making the most of senior year! Fun, isn't it?! I'd love to know what your dress up themes were... I hope you get 3 fat envelopes full of acceptance papers!

Janet and Kevin said...

Great pictures of the littles and the big kids! :)

It sounds like you are enjoying your senior year.

Janet and gang

Catherine said...

What a fun homecoming week!!

Excited with you to hear what the colleges say. When do they normally send out info?

Adorable, sweet kiddos! What a beautiful family you are, inside and out!

Jean said...

I remember when I was in high school realizing how special this time was! I did as many activities as possible and enjoyed every minute of it!!

High school is wonderful- enjoy!! College and the future are just as great- but they are a different kind of wonderful!

Have fun Emily!! Enjoy the here and now!!

I think you are great and have no doubt you will do well on your future journeys!!

Love the pics of the kiddos!! Gracie looks so happy!! Her smile could light up the room!

Charlie is content and loves where he is at- such blessings!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE your mom's taste in clothes and those little subjects are just ADORABLE, and their big sis too! said...

Emily you are so stinking cute in all those pictures! Love your spirit girl! My 17 year old just took her sat as well! Stay close to home stay close to home..wishing out loud. Hugs from Arizona. Mary

Jana said...

I can't believe how your family has grown! And AC looks adorable with that missing front tooth. Oakley is missing hers as well :). Hope you and your family enjoy a wonderful fall season!

Julie said...

sounds like a fun week