Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day~

 Saturday morning, after breakfast, I asked Bill what he'd like to do for Father's Day.  And he mentioned wanting to go back to Appomattox at some point down the road.

You may remember that our visit there back in Feb. was not to be, due to  inclement weather.

"Well, why not THIS weekend?" I asked.

And so, within the hour, we had the car packed, kids loaded, picnic lunch prepared and we were pulling out of our driveway and on our way to Virginia.  Because, that's the way we roll around here.  And sometimes it's just fun to be spur of the moment!

We stopped along the way for lunch.

 And we arrived in Lynchburg about 4 hours later.

We checked in to our hotel and let the kids swim for a couple of hours, and then headed into the historic area of the town to find a dinner spot.

We came upon the Depot Grille, an old train depot turned into an eatery, and decided to give it a try. 

We sat outside to enjoy the beautiful weather and the good food, and the kids were delighted when a train came rumbling by!

Afterwards we took a walk along the tracks
and then along the James river, crossing over a bridge to a nature preserve area.  We watched the sun set and let the kids catch lightening bugs.  Such a fun evening!

Sunday morning, we headed to Appomattox.

 On our February visit


and at the same spot on our Father's Day visit!

  The kids enjoyed seeing a mobile printing press demonstration.

We listened to a Corporal tell about his time with the Union Army and his eye witness account of the events that occurred at Appomattox.

About mid way through our visit, we left the site and headed into town for some lunch.  A ranger recommended this spot for a homey, southern lunch.

  This was definitely the spot for the over 70, local, after church, Sunday dinner crowd.  And when we walked in, everyone stopped their eating and STARED.  It was rather awkward, I must say. And the food was, eh. You win some and lose some when trying to eat "local."

Back at the site, Daddy and kids at the McLean House, where General Robert E. Lee surrendered and the papers were signed. 

And we visited the county jail and locked up some unruly citizens. 

We visited the other buildings on the property, turned in completed booklets for Ranger Badges, and headed back home with a deeper understanding of the men who fought on both sides of the war. Often brother against brother. Each fighting for what they believed was right.

I still need to finish posting from our graduation trip, but I want to keep current, too, otherwise it seems like I'm never caught up.  Do y'all ever feel that way?

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Catherine said...

What a great way to share Father's Day weekend together! Love all the neat places you visit.