Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Big Boys~

Oh, yes!  We do have more children in our family than usually grace my blog posts.

Here's a photo my guys just emailed to me!

It does my mama heart good.

So good.

My older boys are FRIENDS!   They are choosing to spend time together.

And although they do not live close to each other, they made plans to spend a week of vacation together.  And let me just tell you~

I LOVE that!

Will, in the Baylor shirt, is 22.  He graduated last December~ a semester early, I might add. And he's now a grad student at Colorado State.  And he worked things out so that he's not paying a dime for his grad school.   Nor is he paying for his living expenses.  And let's just say, his dad is PLEASED!
 Will has an internship this summer w/ Noble Energy in Denver. His time on the job is flexible.  As you can see!
Will's an outdoorsy kind of guy, and he had all the equipment for  the boys' week long camping  adventure. Good thing.  Drew showed up in Denver with just himself.  And his clothes. So Will took him to REI. So he'd at least have a sleeping bag. :)

And Drew~ he's 25, and we're awfully proud of this boy, too!

He's living and working in Omaha, NE.  A bit too far from home for this mama's liking.  

Drew's a federal bank examiner.  He's on the road almost continuously working to make sure that the Nebraska banks are in compliance with all the gov. rules and regulations.  And that YOUR money is safe! 

 A large portion of his job also involves A LOT of writing. Writing up pages and pages of reports.  It's a good thing he scored a perfect score on the writing section of his SAT.  Oh, yes he did!

So, a bit of our National Park obsession fun must have rubbed off on the guys.  They've planned a whirlwind tour of Glacier, The Tetons (where the above photo was taken) and Yellowstone.  We've done a lot of traveling with our older children, but we didn't get out west much at all.  Ok, just once when we went to San Fran. (and we don't consider TX "out west" but of course we've been there, too) So I'm glad the boys are able to do this! To SEE and experience firsthand God's awesome creation. 

 But mostly, I'm glad they want to do this TOGETHER!

Thanks for sending the photo, guys!  I bet you didn't think you'd end up on the blog!  


jeanette said...

love that the guys hang out together!
We did that same trip when I was younger! Tetons, Yellowstone, and Glacier...even to a teenage girl (who was not thrilled with being "outdoorsy") -those places were unmatched in their beauty. :)

Amy said...

Pam, it's been a while since I've visited any blog or blogged at all, it seems. Life if busy, as you well know!

Love this post about your boys . . . that's my hope for mine!

hope you are doing well. going to look at the rest of your kiddos now:)

Wolfes Home said...

I love this too, Pam. Those are some of my favorite places, too. Good job, Mom and Dad!