Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sick of it =[

I came on to catch up a little but I really feel like I can't. I'm sick of comments I've been getting. I thought moderating them would help, but honestly it hasn't. I really am considering making my blog private, that way I know whose reading and that way I know no one will leave nasty comments. It all started with the one about my ticker awhile back. They haven't stopped since. While we were in Disney World, I got an extremely rude one about how "obese" AnnaClaire is, and how if they knew our names, we would be reported to the Obesity Clinic. "What do we feed her?" That is so out there and stupid, but saying "you are just a spoiled, rude 14 year old girl" at the end really hurt me. Then on top of it telling me she would've been better left in China?? What?? I'm sick of stuff like this. Now I've been getting all this stuff about how I'm a bad sister and It's just getting old. I try not to let them effect me, but sometimes it's really hard.

I have tons of pictures from the past couple days, and more China thoughts. I'll try blogging a little more tonight but I have my Spanish exam (last exam til break!!!) tomorrow so I need to study a little more.

update: I added posts for the 15-17 which I put on those days. So be sure to check those out!


Allison said...

Oh, Emily. I'm so sorry you're getting such rude comments on your blog. Do what you need to do but you should keep blogging. It's such a wonderful gift for AC.
We got your Christmas card today! Precious!

Beth said...

Emily - I am in absolute shock that anyone is so rude to you, your family, and AnnaClaire! There is no doubt that AnnaClaire has been blessed to be welcomed into such a loving family. I have told you before that since I first stumbled on to your site/blog last dec. your family has brought such comfort to me and my family as we wait to bring our little girl home from China. I have loved all the pics of this amazing child and watching her grow over the last year. SOMEONE really needs to find a hobby other than posting untrue and nasty comments. It is sad that there are people like that in the world!!

Katie said...

Sweet Emily. I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog. I am so sorry that people are leaving rude comments; you def. don't deserve them. It's amazing to me to see a 14 year old girl who loves her little sister so much and who loves our sweet Lord even more. I know that Acie will love looking back on this blog when she is older. Good luck on your exams!

Robin said...

WHAT ??!! I can't believe people sometimes. If they don't like looking and reading your blog, then they just shouldn't. And, if they think you are spoiled, they are just jealous. I think you have an awesome family and your love for AnnaClaire definitely shines through on your blog!!! Don't let others discourage you.

Melanie said...

Oh my, I thought those comments had ended for you. Sometimes people is so stupid, if they don't have anything good to say why to waste their time hurting someone??
Just ignore them and don't show they hurt you or they'll keep doing that to you. If you set your blog to private I'd like to have the password, It'd be sad I couldn't see AC growing up!! and don't stop blogging.
Ignore those comments AC is such a cute and healthy little girl :)
Good luck in your spanish exam!! I finished my exams on friday!! You'll feel so happy when you end LOL. If you need any help with Spanish just ask me ;)

Anonymous said...

em. im so sorry about all those comments. that stinks. well whoever is posting them obviousley dosent know you or your amazing family. LOVE YOU
-lizzy C

Keri said...

I am so sorry that you are getting rude comments. AnnaClaire is so not fat! She is perfect! (and adorable BTW) Anybody that would call you a spoiled girl is ridiculous. You spend so much time on this blog as a gift for your sweet sister and that is a gift she will appreciate so much when she is older. If you go PW protected I totally understand, but please know that 99.9% of the world is not like this troll.


Jeanette said...

Emily, you are one of the best big sisters I have ever seen. I don't know of anyone your age who is so devoted and loving towards her little sister AND whole family for that matter. You have such a heart for international adoption and your blog is such an encouragement to those of us who are waiting, and waiting and waiting. I love seeing all of the pictures of AC and hearing your stories about her! Keep it up and don't let people who don't know you get you down. There are a lot of people out there who don't understand or even care to understand about international adoption. But like I said before, you have touched so many people and I would be so sad if you stopped blogging. I need my AC fix everyday!

Blessings to you and your family and Merry Christmas!

Jeanette R.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Emily, I am SO sorry you are getting comments like that...it breaks my heart. Your Mom said you were, but I had no idea the content. I don't know what to say, other than you are an AMAZING SISTER and I am SO glad that precious AnnaClaire is healthy and strong, given the history she has had. She couldn't be any more beautiful. I'm sending you and your family a GREAT BIG HUG!!! Love & blessings, Amy (Chatty Girl)

Lisa said...

Emily I am so sorry that someone feels the need to be so nasty to you. I love your blog and would love to be able to keep checking in on you and your little mei mei. I think what you are doingis such a wonderful way to journal and what a gift to look back on. I have been wondering if there is a way to print off the blog to keep as a book. Do you know of anything?
I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas!

Jie Jie to Sarah Lu and Chayah Ru said...

Emily, I am SO sorry!!! I thought it had stopped... I can not believe that people are doing this to you!! Those kind of people do not have the right to look at AnnaClaire's beautiful, gorgeous face!!!! Neither do they have the right to read your posts about her! That just makes me so angry!!!!

MFJ said...

Hi Emily, I just saw this post. I am sorry I didn't comment earlier. I know you have told me about some of these comments before, I just can't believe people keep sending them! I am so sorry it keeps happening. The fact that someone would say that AC should've been left in China is THE MOST ridiculous thing I have ever heard. AnnaClaire is so blessed to have you as her family, just as you are blessed to have her. And though I don't know you in "real life" I never felt like you were bragging or acting the least bit spoiled on your blog EVER. Your blog brings me such joy, as I look forward to being in your shoes sometime soon. I wish there was some way to stop them. Maybe turn off anon. comments? If you turn your blog to password, you know I'll want to keep reading. I am your biggest fan. :) You are such as sweet friend and I don't even know you in real life! I can't imagine what kind of people would say these kind of things, but know that they are far from the things you post on your blog. I have enjoyed reliving your China trip and seeing how far Miss AnnaClaire has come. I can't wait to follow your journey to Kate, and hopefully when that happens, you will be able to follow us on our own journey. :)

One of your best bloggy friends,