Saturday, April 5, 2008

Catching Up

(New HannaAndersson outfit... I loveee this one. There are more of these pictures at the bottom.)

First of all, so sorry for not updating on Tuesday, as I promised. First of all, my computer has some issues so I have a loaner, which has really slow internet at home, and it's been impossible to load pictures. Second of all, this has just been an incredibly busy week in general. So, I'll go in order...

So to start, here are my birthday pictures that are so long in coming. I had a good birthday. I went to school and the rock was decorated. Everyone said happy birthday, and I got sung to in every class. Mom and AC came and brought me McAlisters for lunch and balloons, too. AnnaClaire sang me the birthday song, so that was fun. School went well and when I got home, Mom and I went to the mall for a little and I got a few things. Then we met Will, Grandma, Dad, and AnnaClaire at On the Border for my birthday dinner. My steak and chicken fajitas were AMAZING. We came home and had cake which was so good... triple chocolate poundcake. That's what I have every year. It is so good. The first time I blew my candles out, there were only 14 candles, but we didn't realize that until after we had eaten. We got a good laugh out of that, and Mom put another candle on the half eaten cake. We did the singing and blowing all over again. That will be a memory :). For my birthday I got a phone and clothes. Will gave me a really amazing pillow and I got lots of money from relatives. It was a good birthday! :)

Me and my mei mei

Me, AC, and Will

AC playing kitchen before the cake

AnnaClaire and I on my birthday

best cake ever.

AnnaClaire enjoying the cake

Loves sweets :)

The fifteenth candle (AnnaClaire is waving away the smoke.)

As for Tuesday, it was a pretty low key day. School was fine. After school, I took AnnaClaire on a bike ride. She had a very fun time. She loves riding her bike. I took these on my phone, so they aren't great quality, but here you go. After we got home, it was dinnertime. We finally got a little springlike weather, so AnnaClaire got to wear her new nightgown! She got lots of new jammies, but she picked her icecream nightgown. She thought it was fun walking around in Daddy's slippers, too!
Sweetie on her bike

Taking a break to look for rocks to throw in the creek

New spring nightgown and Daddy's slippers!

I have no pictures from Wednesday, but it was a good day. School was fine. Only 39 days left!!! After school and track, a couple of friends and I went to Chickfila before youth group. Our youthgroup was at another church and there was a concert by Steve Fee. It was really good and fun.

Thursday, school let out at 1:00 for a track meet in Winston Salem. Unfortunately, the temperature was in the low 40s, and it was raining. As we got closer, it started pouring, but the meet was not cancelled. We all froze as the temperature dropped even more, and the rain increased. It was not a fun meet. All of our clothes got soaked, and everyone was just freezing and no one ran well at all. Although it would've been unfortunate for it to be cancelled, after a 2 hour drive, it definitely should've been. However, we had a really fun team dinner on the way home at Ruby Tuesdays, although we were still pretty cold in our wet clothes. We got home after 11:00 AM and by the time I did my homework, it was after midnight. Mom let me go to school a little later yesterday :). Anyway, here are a few pictures from the track meet. As you can see, these are definitely not from our Thursday one (we would've been bundled and soaked!) These are from one last week. One of our teachers takes all the pictures and puts them on our school server so we can all access them.

me with one of my best friends

Our 4x8/4x4 relay. (There's five because one of the girls that isn't in the 4x8 is in the 4x4, and one that's in the 4x8 isn't in the 4x4.)

No pictures from Friday, either. After school and track, three of my friends and I went to dinner and then to the girl's soccer games. They were fun, and our school won both by a lot. The Varsity game got canceled just after the half because we had a HUGE storm. My friend, Leah came over and we had a fun night/day today. We went to the mall today, which was fun. These pictures are this morning when AnnaClaire made a ring tone go off on Leah's phone. (by the way, that's the same type of phone that I got for my birthday.) AnnaClaire just stood there dancing and smiling to the ringtones that phones come with. She's so entertaining!

So that sums up my week. Although I stayed busy, it went by incredibly slow. It was fun, though! Sorry for the lack of updates. Now I figured out the internet on the loaner laptop, so hopefully I'll post more frequently this week!


Lexie said...

Hey! Great pictures!!

Happy belated b-day!! Sounds like you had a good one!

I am going to go check out those dresses. The purple and green is SO cute on her!!

Holly said...

Cute pictures! Sounds like a great birthday! And I just love AnnaClaire's purple and green outfit!!

Robin said...

great pictures. I can't believe how much you've changed too Emily. So much more grown up looking this year from when I first met your mom online in 2006.

Love AnnaClaire at the kitchen in in daddys slippers. :0)