Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fun night with Maddy!

The girls eating dinner


Maddy and AnnaClaire playing kitchen

The girls had so much fun pushing eachother's swings!

Maddy spinning the steering wheel

Notice the book we're reading? "I Can Share!" :)

After books, the girls held their babies and chased eachother through the hallway

AnnaClaire and her baby

Maddy and her baby!

Miss Maddy and her Mommy got here around 7 today! The girls have had a very fun night together... reading, playing dolls, playing on the swing/slide, playing kitchen... They're having a blast and we can't wait for another fun day tomorrow! Sweet Elizabeth and her mom are having trouble getting here, but hopefully they will be here in the morning. Pray that she can get a flight here in the morning!!

By the way... as if you didn't know, getting pictures of two 2 year olds is HARD! REALLY hard.

1 comment:

Brittany said...

Those are just the cutest.
I know what you mean Lauren is going to end up calling me "The crazy girl with the camera".
We can we stop by??
PS:I am finally braceless.