Monday, April 21, 2008

Forever and Always Friends!

"Amazing" would be an understatement to describe our weekend. It truly was a time well had by all and I thank the Lord for putting such good friends into our life. People we would never even know, he put in our lives because we have something in common... adoption. So on with our weekend...

Robin and Maddy arrived on Thursday evening. I already posted about Thursday night, so check a few posts down for pictures. But anyway, the girls were cute. They were only together a couple hours before bedtime, but they enjoyed taco soup, playing on our swing/slide thingy, playing dolls, etc. They were so cute together! Jeanette and Elizabeth were supposed to get in later, but they ended up getting stuck in Baltimore and got here on Friday morning. Before they got there, AnnaClaire and Maddy went on our trampoline. We've had it for years, but AnnaClaire had never been on it. Needless to say, they had a BLAST. They jumped so much and got filthy from all the black on the trampoline (luckily it came off with just a little water!) Soon, Elizabeth and Jeanette arrived. How fun it was when the doorbell rang and sweet Elizabeth and her mom were on our front step! Elizabeth is so sweet. She is teeny-tiny. AnnaClaire looked huge next to her! Maddy was a little bit taller than AC, but a lot thinner. Anyway, the three little ones read books for awhile, played makeup, played on the swing/slide thing, and played kitchen. (With a few snack breaks to eat the delicious Chinese snacks that Jeanette brought!) Then we had lunch. After lunch they played more with the kitchen. It was definitely a hit. One, two, or all three were constantly at the kitchen... They also all loved AnnaClaire's cutting food. AnnaClaire was very good sharing, although she had to have a few reminders. Overall, I was amazed at how well she shared all her things. Sometimes she would even point our that she was sharing :). We went back outside and jumped on the trampoline, took turns swinging, and pushed the lawn mower before nap time.

Shortly after the three princesses awoke, we headed off to Jeanette R's house for a pizza dinner! She had little bags for each girl with ladybug sunglasses, panda bears, a bow, chalk, etc. The girls quickly became in love with their pandas! Robin also had sweet gifts for every girl with all sorts of summer goodies in little purses! (Thanks again!!) Jeanette R had prepared a delicious meal for us and we had a very fun time. We also got to see the "bow factory". Should never have gone in there... way too much CUTE ribbon!!! :) Anyway, after dinner, Alex, Christopher and I played wii. AnnaClaire, Maddy, and Elizabeth were so interested in the wii and loved watching. We all had so much fun at dinner. Can't wait until little Sara Beth is home to play, too! We were there until after 8! On the way home, I was dropped off at a friends house to spend the night before driver's ed on Saturday morning.

Drivers Ed was NOT fun. 6.5 hours of a small room with 60+ people from 14.5-18 is not exactly what I love to do on a Saturday. I didn't get back home until after 3. All the girls were napping and I heard all about their morning adventure to "squirrels park". They had fun! We had to wake AnnaClaire up from her nap close to 5, and got a picture of her with Will before prom. Yes, in the midst of all our fun, Will's prom was on Saturday! Dad and I went to one of the girl's houses to take prom pictures. Will said prom was very fun.

Right when I got home, Jeanette R had gotten to our house and all the ladies enjoyed On the Border while I babysat the little ones. All three were VERY good. Jeanette had little gift bags with nail polish, bracelets, and lipgloss. We did manicures and pedicures, played "choo choo" around the house, played outside in the house, and spent awhile in the bathroom! Elizabeth even went tinkle on the potty for the first time!! The girls never let go of their chapstick, which they called lipstick. All three were obsessed with it. They also wore their bracelets, which were also a huge hit. Jeanette knows just what two year old girls will like :). (Thanks again!) I can actually say that we were having so much fun, that know one even realized the garage went up and everyone's mommies were home! Jeanette R spent awhile with us and we all talked and the little girls went night night.

On Sunday morning, we dressed all the little ones for Church. They all looked so pretty in their Sunday school dresses! We even got a few pictures by the azaleas before we had to go! The girls all did look so cute! Maddy and AC went in the nursery. I helped in it, just in case. They both had so much fun at did great. It was fun to see what AnnaClaire does in there, because I have not been in the nursery since right when she got home! We were probably quite the site walking out. All the girls in mommies were in a line walking hand in hand. So sweet. We then headed to Pei Wei and had a great lunch. It was enjoyed by all and all the girls showed off their skill with chopsticks. I was amazed that they could all use them! (I never even knew AC could actually get food with hers, but she did!) We even got to go to Starbucks afterwards, which was fun. It started raining just as we left... perfect napping weather! Maddy and her mom left after naptime to go see Robin's sister (who lives nearby) for dinner. The weather had cleared up, so Elizabeth, AnnaClaire, Mom, Jeanette, and I went on a wagon walk and played outside. They both loved the wagon ride. It was so cute because they were just talking away the whole ride. I have no idea what they were saying, but they were happy, whatever it was! We got home and had dinner on the porch before more playing. Soon Maddy got back and the third girl was back in the mix! Elizabeth took a bath and Maddy and AC then decided they wanted one, too. So they then went in the tub and had so much fun together. AnnaClaire would wash Maddy's hair and then Maddy would wash AnnaClaire's hair. They also loved pouring water on eachother's legs and arms. We heard lots of giggles coming from the bathroom. All the girls went to bed while we all talked.

Then this morning we had to say by to Robin and Maddy at about 9. They had a 9 hour drive back to Ohio. It was sad to see them go, but we will see them again soon! Jeanette and Elizabeth packed all their stuff and we headed to Chickfila for lunch and playing. The girls loved their chicken and even got to have some ice cream for desert. We played outside for a long time and they had so much fun on all the play equipment! They played for a long time before Jeanette and Elizabeth had to go on their way. Elizabeth and AnnaClaire had lots of kisses and hugs before we left, as did we all.

We got home to a quiet house. It was sad. AnnaClaire heard the garbage truck come and wanted to see it. So we went outside and watched it and waved to all the garbage truck people. While she watched it, she did some chalk. Ben (Will's friend who AnnaClaire absolutely loves) came by with Will and AnnaClaire gave him a piece of chalk and wanted him to draw with her. After they left again, we went back inside and AnnaClaire has been napping since. I miss having 3 little girls in the house... it was definitely a fun weekend and I am already looking forward to when we can get together again!! Every just had so much fun. And.. it was so fun to see all the girls personalities. They are cute in pictures, but they are even cuter when you get to meet them and see their sweet personalities! We love you Elizabeth, Maddy, Jeanette, and Robin! Can't wait till next time!!!

Oh and AnnaClaire? Well she just had a blast. She is exhausted from all her playing and fun times with friends. All day she rubbed her eyes and said, "I'm tired", although she slept awhile last night. She has been napping for 3 hours and is still asleep at 5:00!

...Hours later... So here's some pictures to recap the weekend. This is probably enough, however I have to many more cute ones... maybe I'll do a couple of slide shows at some point with more. We really had a great weekend and the pictures DON'Tr do it justice!


Holly said...

I enjoyed that post and those pictures so much! The girls are so adorable together and it certainly looks like a great weekend enjoyed by all!

Blogger said...

Hey Emily,

It looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

(I LOVE AnnaClaire's bangs, BTW.)


Catherine said...

Wow! What a GREAT weekend!!! Glad you had such a fun, fun time!! Until next time....

Robin said...

Emily.. thanks for posting about our weekend. I'm going to link everyone to your blog since my computer is still on the fritz!
We had a wonderful time! Maddy saw AC's picture on the fridge here at home and immediately said AC's name. :0) We definitely will cherish our weekend memories and look forward to the day when you all can come here for a visit maybe :0)

Elise said... looks like you all had a great time together. I so wish I could have been there to meet all of my first adoption friends! Say hi to your mom for me:)

Jie Jie to Sarah Lu and Chayah Ru said...

So fun!!! All of the girls are so cute together!! Aww! Looks like they are quite the little best friends! ;) Absolutely adorable!!!!!!!
I'm starting driver's ed next month. Not my idea of "fun" either. Sitting in a classroom for an hour early in the morning every day throughout the summer. Ugh. I totally know how you feel! lol :)