Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My big girl and her Bible

When we first brought AnnaClaire home from China, our Church sent her a little pink New Testament Bible. We had it in a little drawer and she came across it the other day. Lets just say that it is her new obsession. She loves her Bible and has been carrying it around and reading it constantly for the past few days. Over the weekend, she wanted to bring it in her bed for her nap. When Mom went in to get her up, she was sitting in her bed with her Bunny next to her reading her Bible to her Bunny! It was just the cutest thing ever! She was so excited to bring her Bible to Church on Sunday like a big girl. She even said, "I can't wait to show all my friends my Bible! They are going to love it!"

And just because she is so cute, here's another picture of Miss AnnaClaire all dressed up for Church on Sunday!


Kristi said...

I would love to have heard her "reading" to her bunny. Kylie flips open my pink Bible and always starts the same story, "Once der was a man name Joseph and his wife Mary..."
I need to go get her her own little bible...

Catherine said...

So sweet! May she always love her Bible this way. There's no other book in the world to fall in love with, and even more importantly, it's Author.