Sunday, February 1, 2009

Superbowl :)

Even though our Pan*thers aren't in the Super*bowl, we are enjoying watching the game! Whenever our extended family is together and there's a football game, we always make a "football pool." Even though we aren't all together, Grandma decided to do a "long distance football pool." Grandma put $100 in ($25 for each quarter) and all of her grandkids and grandkid's wives (13 people total) have 7 squares. At the end of each quarter, we check the score and whoever has that box wins. AnnaClaire won the second quarter!

Halftime was a hit! Can you tell from the pictures? AnnaClaire and Kate loved dancing... they were so funny dancing together! Oh, and did I mention... CUTE?

I'm not a fan of either team (like I said, we are Pan*ther fans!), I'm cheering on the Card*inals... so go Cards!


jeanette said...

love you Emily! thanks for cheering for our Cards! there are some AWESOME believers on the team-so God will be glorified whether the Cards win or lose. :)

yay for AC winning her quarter in the pool! :)

Melissa said...

haha we had lots of dancing here too!
I think Katherine danced the entire half time show even when the music was done!
Cute pictures!

Lexie said...

Aren't they too cute dancing around!! :)
Yay for AC! How fun!

Catherine said...

So much fun! The pics of the girls dancing are adorable. I'm not much of a football fan but it sure was a great game!