Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Winter Formal

Our school had our Winter Formal on Saturday and it was very fun! We had big group of around 10 girls and 8 guys. We had all decided to just go as a big group of friends instead of doing dates. We ended up having a really fun time. I got ready with two of my friends and we ended up missing pictures before, so I have none from that. Mom and AnnaClaire did come to PF Changs to get a few pictures, as they were already right there, but we just got a group shot of the girls because not all of the guys were there yet. Obviously, we had (a very good) dinner at PF Changs before heading to the dance. We had a big sleepover after at one of the girl's houses afterwards, which was another highligh. It was a very fun night :)


Keri said...

You look absolutely stunning, Emily. Glad you had a good time.


Kristi said...

So why didn't you dress like that in China? Haha ~ I agree with Keri, you looked stunning! Quite different from the jeans and sweatshirt I saw for almost two weeks!