Friday, February 6, 2009

Quick Update

I know it's been a few days since a real update... sorry! This week has flown by!

Our snow day on Wednesday, which by the way was a complete surprise, was very fun. There was even ice and snow on the street... enough to actually sled down the street a few times! My friend came over and we played with AnnaClaire. Most of the snow melted by 2 in the afternoon, so it wasn't much of a "snow day", but the snow was fun while it lasted. I went to another friend's house later and we watched Grease... it was definitely nice having a break from school mid-week!

Today, we had our conference swim meet, which our girl's team won! That was very exciting :) Our state meet is in 2 weeks, and it's in Ra*leigh, so we are spending the night and get to miss school! I'm very excited about that :)

Yesterday, we had a swim meet much closer than they usually are, so Mom, AnnaClaire, and Kate stopped by. The girls had SO much fun! Kate was very shy, as she is around big groups of people. AnnaClaire (who is the complete opposite of Kate) was so excited to see everyone and watch the meet. She was the BEST little cheerleader and loved how "Sissy swam right to me! And then she turned and went back and swam to me AGAIN!"

The little girls are both doing well. They went to the train museum with Mom and Dad last weekend... I need to add pictures from that. Kate had a rough day this week and seemed very somber and didn't want to eat... much like the way she was in China. However, that has passed over her and she i snow back to her sweet, happy self!

Tomorrow, a dear friend is coming to visit us! I know I've talked about our "chatty sisters" (named because of all the talking they did on our agency's SN yahoo group... caused the group to start being moderated!) before... they are basically our travel group from AC's adoption, although we didn't travel with all of them. All 15 of our familes has very similar dates and should've traveled together, however the group was kind of split. Anyway, we have remained very close friends with all of these families and Jaya and her Mommy (who live in Colorado!) will be in town tomorrow! Of course, they are stopping by and we are SO excited to see Jaya and her Mommy! I assure you there will be lots of cute pictures :)

That's about it for now. I have snow (not many) and train museum pictures that I'll add soon, and I'm sure there will be pictures from tomorrow, too. Until then~

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Kristi said...

So I just read this...
If at all possible, we'd love to see you guys while you are in Raleigh ~ maybe even come to see you swim!