Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Real Update :)

Enjoy the picutres! They are from a few weekends ago... I really need to be better about posting pictures!

These sweet girls are just so much fun :)

Kate LOVES to read books, just like her big sister (AnnaClaire, not me :)) She is such a little sweetie and is such a good and very go-with-the-flow little thing. Her vocabulary has really taken off and she's putting 2 words together. She says "sissy" in the absolute cutest way. It's so sweet to hear :) She still doesn't have much of an appetitie... unless, of course, it involves sweets. She loves playing with toys and is truly a happy little thing and I just love that about her SO much!

AnnaClaire has been doing well, too. She loves her little sister and loves having a constant playmate. She loves just about everything: singing, watching Dora, Calliou, and Barney, doing "paperwork" as in cutting and drawing, talking, going places with anyone, "camping", dancing, doing puzzles... anything and everything. She is about the sweetest three year old EVER with the most loving, generous heart.

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jeanette said...

those bathtub pics are toooooo adorable!