Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Big Sister, Little Sister

Every single moment that these two share... whether it be playing ring-a-round-the-rosie with their bunnies, reading books and goofing off in AC's bed together, or eating popcorn and watching Dora side by side... every single moment reminds me of how BLESSED I am by these two little girls. Their love for each other is so sweet and while every moment isn't perfect (there are moments which are far from perfect!), their special bond just makes me love them even more.

AnnaClaire could not be a better big sister. We have been trying Kate in the nursery, and while she was fine the first two times we tried bringing her by herself, she screams now. AnnaClaire said to us the other day, "Mommy, Kate can come in my nursery and I will play with her and make her not afraid!" She loves her so much... and has become quite the protective big sis, too!

Kate is such a sweet little sister. Like I said, every moment isn't perfect and there are times when Kate refuses a hug or doesn't want to play... but oh how sweet it is to watch her chase AnnaClaire around and do everything she does. Today, they were watching Dora together and Kate (unpromted by anyone) put her arm around AnnaClaire. And there's those times when she says "I lub eww!" to AnnaClaire.

I just love watching these two together. Never a dull moment :)

One other adorable moment which I almost forgot to share... We were at the mountains on Saturday, celebrating Kate's birthday. We started at a park in Blowing Rock and had ice cream. Afterwards, we were going to the car to head to the actual mountains. Dad, AC, and I had walked ahead to throw some trash away and Mom and Kate were walking when we turned to come back to the car. At the same time, AnnaClaire and Kate started bolting at eachother and ran into eachother with the sweetest, biggest hug I have ever seen. Talk about melting their sissy's heart...


Jeanette said...

Such a sweet post! The pictures are priceless! Don't forget though they they both take after their big sissy and what an amazing example they have in you of how to love each other! You are blessed to have them and they are so blessed to have you!

Kristi said...

I love the pictures of them eating popcorn in their matching pjs!
By the way, would that have been Kilwins for ice cream? It doesn't get much better than that! And I've just discovered that there is one near our new church, look out summer!

Staci said...

Aww! LOVE those pics of the girls together!! What sweet sisters! :)