Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tutu, doll, and dress links

Now that Kate has her doll, I can finally show you these adorable dolls! I saw them on this blog around Christmas. I told Mom all about them and we proceeded to order them. Since we were in China on AC's birthday, we hadn't gotten a chance to use the money her grandma sent for her. We decided to use that money on her doll and Kate's money on a doll for her! I absolutely love them. You can pick the dress/skirt fabric, shirt fabric, hair style, hair color, eyes, etc. But the best part of all? The sweet scripture patch that appears under each doll's skirt. The verses we used are life verses we choose for the girls'. You might recognize them from their adoption announcements. Anyway, I think these are just the most special dolls.

Order a doll at They have boy and girl dolls and you will NOT be disappointed.

We saw Kate's birthday dress on this blog and had fallen in love with it. I'm sure you know by now that Mom and I absolutely love pink and green :). Anyway, the dress is made by Izzy B Designs, which you can find here. They have a bunch of different dresses and they are all ADORABLE.

And lastly, THE tutu. Lets just say we have been on the lookout for the perfect tutu and I think we finally found it. The tutu site was given to us by some friends of ours. The site can be found here ( Kate's is baby pink, layered, ribbon waist. It is even cuter in person. Oh and... it's only $25 (that's including shipping!!)


Jeanette said...

Thanks for the I gotta save up money to get all the adorable cuteness!!! Also, what I love about the dolls is the ones made in honor of Maria Sue, what a wonderful tribute to the Chapman family!

Kristi said...

The dolls are awesome! I think I may be ordering two myself...
Thanks for sharing!

. me . said...

Your little sisters are so sweet! I have two sisters ages 6 and 3 adopted from Korea and I sponsor a little girl from PHF. It's fun to see little Kate in her new home!

Robin said...

Thanks for sharing those links Emily. Those dolls are the sweetest things. I love the scripture on them and will definitely be looking in to one for Maddy.
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the tutu too :0)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing all of that info, Emily! The girls are TOO CUTE...........and love the swimsuits also!