Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Day with Bekah and Leah!

Bekah, Kate, Leah, and AnnaClaire... sweet friends/China sisters!
The little girls brought together by the miracle of adoption!
Leah and AnnaClaire had sweet hugs for eachother when they first met!
Bekah and AC... they have grown so much since that first play date in China when they were only 13 months old! Almost 2.5 years ago!!
The four girls again
Precious Leah, who just turned two last week!
Bekah tickling Kate!
The two 2 year olds/Jiangxi princesses!
Love this one... united by LOVE
Eating chocolate chips as their treat for cooperating :)
The mommies, the girls, and me
AC and Bekah again. Just love looking at then and now pictures... they have changed SO much!
Making homemade ice cream was a hit...
The girls churning the ice cream!
Eating the ice cream was an even bigger hit:)
Today, we were excited to have Bekah and Leah's family swing by to visit us on their way home from Myrtle Beach! Their family are some very dear friends of ours who were in our travel group when we went to China for AnnaClaire. In fact, here's some pictures of AnnaClaire and Bekah playing in China! They had visited us back 2 years ago (there's a few group pictures here and a bunch more here.) but the last time we saw them was in Nov. 2007 at our travel group/chatty sister renuion at Disney*World. Anyway, since then, both of our families have brought home another sweet China girl! We, of course, brought Kate home in Oct. and they came home with Leah in Jan. of this year. AC and Bekah are about a week apart (both are 3 and a half) and Kate and Leah are two months apart in age (new twos!) It was hard to believe that the last time we saw the D. family, Bekah and AC were Kate and Leah's age! Anyway, we had such a fun time just visiting and letting the girls run around. They all played so well together! They loved just running around, playing hide and seek, playing on riding toys, and making homemade ice cream again! I had to leave our little party early to work... but we had such a fun afternoon! It was so fun to finally meet precious Leah, who we have heard so much about, and to see Bekah and her parents again. Bekah, of course, has grown so much. She and AnnaClaire loved hearing about how they played in China together!! I just love adoption... the friends we have made on this incredible journey are irreplaceble and our girls will always have a special friendship, no matter how far away they live... just love that!
UPDATE: AnnaClaire bawled when her friends left and woke up crying on Saturday night because she was so sad they were gone. Hopefully it will be sooner than two years before we see you guys again!


Michelle said...

How sweet and where did they get the cool t-shirts.

Michelle said...

How sweet and where did they get the cool shirts?

Keri said...

The girls all look so happy and so pretty! I bet they had a wonderful day and I am so glad the Dawn got to see you guys. We get to see her and her little cuties in about a month!!


Anonymous said...

What beautiful children! Of course I am predjudice. This is Bekah and Leah's Nana. My heart is full to see these wonderful families. Thank you for sharing your special time.

Amy Jo said...

Oh my goodness, I totally cracked myself up. I have GOT to meet Leah and Kate because when I logged onto your blog, I saw 4 girls and was like, "who else did the Horners invite over?" Duh. I'm used to both of your families having two girls, but it was so powerful to see all FOUR of them together. :-) God is SO good. Looks like you all had a great visit! I can't wait for all of you to spend the weekend together! Wish I was going to be there. Sweet blessings, Amy

Anonymous said...

Well pin a rose on your nose!!