Sunday, May 3, 2009

Melts My Heart...

I witnessed the sweetest moment on the way home from youth group (I lead a small group of 6th grade girls every Sunday night) tonight... AnnaClaire said to me, "Sissy, look at me and Kate! We're holdin' hands!" I turned around, and there were my two sweet girls with the biggest smiles and their hands locked. And my heart just burst. These two aren't just sisters... they are the best of friends. Sure, it might've taken months to get to that point, and every moment is still not glorious. But it's the moments like these, moments where Kate whispers, "AnnaCare! Good morning!", moments when they wrap eachother up in hugs before bedtime... it's those moments where I am blown away by what a miracle adoption truly is... for bringing these two little girls together to become sisters and best friends.

And while we're talking about the miracle of adoption (and melting my heart for that matter!), can I just add one last thing?

Today when we picked AC up from Sunday School, her teacher informed us that they had asked the kids what the best day of their lives was. AnnaClaire said that hers was the day she came home from China to America. Let me tell you that we RARELY ever talk about that. AnnaClaire knows that she was born in China and came on the big airplane home to us, but to put it into her own words and call it the best day of her life... Could that be any sweeter?

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Kristi said...

Oh those moments of sibling peace and harmony. There's nothing like them! That picture is far too sweet!